UK Regional Network Solutions

See how our business network is helping businesses near you. 

Use our interactive map to find our network solutions in your area. 


We’re helping businesses in London stay connected with a range of network improvements, including 5G coverage.

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North of England

We’ve improved network connectivity and download speeds, allowing businesses to work efficiently across the North.

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Midlands and East of England

We’ve upgraded services so that we can provide our best network solutions for business in the Midlands and East of England.

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South of England

We’ve invested in new technologies to improve connectivity across the South of England.

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See how we’ve been improving our network across Scotland and helping businesses like yours stay connected.

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See how we’ve provided better connectivity and access to technology to essential businesses in Wales.

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Northern Ireland

We’ve made improvements across Northern Ireland to ensure we provide the best possible network solutions for your business.

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