Contact centre solutions

Talk to your customers the way they want, with client communication solutions from Vodafone Business.

Secure and flexible cloud-based contact centre solution 

Our contact centre solution combines phone, email, live chat and more, so you can deliver the right experience for you and your customers.

We offer a cloud-based solution, suitable for both offices and homeworkers. It’s highly flexible, letting you respond to fluctuations in customer demand.

Our reporting and data analytics enable you to measure and manage your contact centre performance. We also offer managed Media Recording, Workforce Management, and other supporting services.

Improve customer engagement with Vodafone storm®

Take your customer service into the digital age with our cloud contact centre solution - Vodafone storm. Switch seamlessly between communication channels (including phone, email, chat and text), and always have the information you need on hand. 


Talk in their language 

Communicate with your customers using the method they want, on the device they want, with a multi-channel experience. All managed on a single integrated platform that lets you add functionality as you need it. 

Meet your security needs 

We provide a service that’s compliant with your security needs and other integration requirements. 

Build a flexible workforce 

Our strategic transformation programme, ‘Better Ways of Working’, can help you increase employee flexibility and retention by making more efficient use of office space and making remote and home-based employees part of your contact centre solution. 

Get the most from your people 

Optimise your customer interactions and enable your contact centre teams to be more efficient and productive with our speech analytics, call scripting and consultancy services to help you manage your workforce. 

Hit your targets 

Meet compliance obligations, obtain the insights to help drive new business and respond to business needs more effectively – all while managing costs. 

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Why Vodafone Business Broadband

Intelligent WiFi

Automatically optimises to give you a fast and consistent connection. 

Simple switching

Just choose your broadband package and activation date — we’ll do the rest.

Award-winning app

Control and customise your Wi-Fi with the Vodafone Broadband app.

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