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Vodafone video conferencing services

Hold meetings while reducing travel times and costs with our high-definition video conferencing services.

From tablet-based mobile applications to fully immersive telepresence suites, our video conferencing services let you keep all of the nuances of a face-to-face conversation. Ad-hoc meetings using the latest video chat and voice call options also result in faster decision-making, productive outcomes and form stronger relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues.

We work closely with major providers like Cisco and Polycom OPX to offer you the best technology available – maintaining the highest quality conferencing in the UK and internationally. Connections are carried over our high-bandwidth global MSP (Multi Service Platform) network, delivering high-definition video without drops or lags.

We can fully manage your video conferencing services, or just support you when you need it.

Case study: West Midlands Police video

How video services are helping

See how video conferencing is transforming West Midlands Police.

Virtual meeting rooms

Our state-of-the-art video conferencing services allow you to create virtual meeting rooms (VMRs). Participants can attend these from video-enabled endpoints such as a desktop computer, through a web browser or a mobile device.

Link your teams and clients around the globe with our video collaboration solutions. Our managed video service makes it easy for you to create a VMR, wherever you need one.



Make stronger business connections

Video conferencing lets you keep all of the nuances of face-to-face conversations, so you can enjoy faster decision-making, more productive outcomes and stronger relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues.


Just like being there

Improvements in high-definition video and compression technology mean you won’t suffer lags or dropouts, giving you business-quality video communications.


More than just conferencing

Explore the true potential of cutting-edge video conferencing services to help your business. You can use it for everything from product demonstrations to brainstorming sessions, reducing time to market and resolving problems faster.


Confidently connected

Contacts on other networks can be connected with minimal loss of quality thanks to our peering agreements with other network providers as part of the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC).


Travel less, do more

Save time and money by cutting travelling costs and unnecessary downtime, while enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility by reducing your travel-related carbon footprint.


Concierge services included

Save even more time by letting us manage your calls for you. Our choice of extensive concierge services includes room booking, call scheduling, call launching, operator hosted calls and call recording.


Fully supported

Your IT teams won’t need to become experts overnight – we’ll install the equipment and integrate it with your systems, and also provide on-boarding for your teams as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

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Why Vodafone Business Broadband

Intelligent WiFi

Automatically optimises to give you a fast and consistent connection.

Simple switching

Just choose your broadband package and activation date — we’ll do the rest.

Award-winning app

Control and customise your WiFi with the Vodafone Broadband app.

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