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With our 5G-ready data-only SIMs, you can enjoy amazing speeds at home and abroad

You can rely on our award-winning network to keep you connected to the things and people that matter

Never run out of data - you can stream, share, listen and browse without worrying about limits

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Explore our range of data-only SIM options to help you enjoy data on-the-go across a range of devices - such as your tablet, data dongle, or mobile WiFi device.

Forget about data limits with our unlimited data-only SIMs and the unrivalled speed of 5G connectivity.

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Introducing OneNumber Connectivity

Providing a flexible alternative to data-only SIMs, our OneNumber Connectivity Plan allows you to share your phone's data allowance with your tablet. OneNumber Connectivity is perfect if you:

  • Own an eSIM-enabled tablet and you're its primary user

  • Want to be able to use your tablet without WiFi

  • Have a Pay monthly Airtime Plan with us

  • It's £10 a month to connect your tablet, and, if you connect both your smartwatch and your tablet with us, you'll save £3.50 a month on your tablet OneNumber Connectivity Plan with our new OneNumber Bundle.

Frequently asked questions and legal terms

Data-only SIMs (sometimes referred to as a data sim) are SIM cards designed to provide data and internet access.

These SIMs don't include minutes or texts and are mainly designed for tablets.

Data-only SIMs are the ideal choice for devices that have a SIM card slot, so you can keep connected without WiFi.

Our plans are available with deals on 4G and 5G connectivity to make sure you get the fastest experience.

Data-only SIM cards will function in a phone.

However, you won't be able to make calls or send texts.

Data-only SIMs can't receive or send text messages.

The purpose of a data-only SIM is to provide internet access while you're out and away from home.

However, because you receive a phone number with a data-only SIM, you can use WhatsApp.

Pay £38% less – based on i) £3.50 OneNumber Bundle discount when you purchase a Tablet Connectivity and already have an existing OneNumber Connectivity Plan for your smartwatch; and (ii) paying £5 less following a price drop for the Tablet Connectivity (Was £15, Now £10 per month). For OneNumber Bundle terms, visit vodafone.co.uk/terms 

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