Vodafone Ethernet Services

Get multiple voice, video and data services over the same access connection 

Enjoy cost-effective connectivity across all your sites with our secure, high-speed network  

Our portfolio of Ethernet Services can fulfil your organisation’s needs for bandwidth, service assurance and increased responsiveness in today’s complex network environment. These solutions are ideal for extending your Local Area Network (LAN) capability both nationally and globally

We can offer a dedicated point-to-point solution or can connect you to our next-generation global IP network, providing an end-to-end service without the need for third-party connections.

With a choice of Ethernet VPN, Ethernet Wireline and Dedicated Ethernet solutions from 10Mbps to 100Gbps, we can offer the right service - whatever the size or needs of your business.

Ethernet Services: The total WAN solution 

Understanding and tackling the challenge of choosing the right business Ethernet solution. 

The value of Ethernet 

The benefits of Ethernet Services across different industries and how your chosen Ethernet package can grow with your business. 

The future of Ethernet 

How to make your services instantly available to your customers using the cloud and working with different Ethernet Services. 

Ethernet benefits 

Seamless integration 

Stay in control of your network policies. Ethernet sits below the IP layer, and it won’t interfere with the way you manage your IP network, IP addressing or applications.

Scaled to your needs

Manage your Ethernet traffic with bandwidth and configuration options. Monitor and prioritise traffic and get support from our experts 24/7.

One end-to-end connection

Remove the need for additional connections to Frame Relay, ATM, leased lines or other wide-area technologies with a single, seamless local or global Ethernet connection.

Dependable global networking

We operate one of the most advanced fibre and IP networks in the world. You’ll be securely connected within the UK and in more than 150 countries, giving you the same reliable network experience across the globe. 

Tailored support

Every business is different – that’s why we offer Tiered Support Services that can be tailored to fit your needs. Foundational support is included as standard and you can select the features you want to add.

Fit for business 

We can deliver the network and bandwidth your business needs – and the support to back it up. Whether you need a dedicated optical private line or prefer a product from our switched Ethernet portfolio.

Our Ethernet Services for business 

Ethernet VPN 

Ethernet VPN extends your Local Area Network (LAN) capability without you building your own network. You remain in control of data routing and carry different traffic types securely.

See Ethernet VPN

Ethernet Wireline 

Ethernet Wireline (EWL) combines the benefits of Ethernet and MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching). It provides reliable point-to-point or point-to-multipoint (hub and spoke) Ethernet connectivity.

See Ethernet Wireline

Dedicated Ethernet 

Dedicated Ethernet offers the same service quality, reliability and security as traditional transmission links but at much greater bandwidth speeds (currently up to 100Gbps).  

See voice connectivity solutions 

Explore related solutions 

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) 

A high-speed, reliable connection just for your business. With our leading business internet access solutions, you always have symmetrical, dedicated bandwidth to our global internet network. 

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Our IP-VPN service gives you a secure private network which works over any internet connection, providing cost-effective connectivity with options for remote and mobile access. 

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