Vodafone Dedicated Ethernet 

Link all your site locations with a dedicated, high-capacity, point-to-point connection. 

Supporting your critical business applications with the speed and bandwidth you need 

Vodafone Dedicated Ethernet provides the same service quality, reliability, and security as traditional carrier transmission links, but at much greater bandwidth speeds. You could currently have up to 100Gbps dedicated to you using our new optical transmission network (OTN) platform.

We also offer protection and availability options required by businesses who need to maintain control of their own network infrastructure and additional built-in resiliency and redundancy –where necessary – for critical business applications.

Boasting ultra-low latency, Dedicated Ethernet is designed to support critical business applications, with the speed and bandwidth your organisation requires. Bandwidth options range from 1Gbps up to 100Gbps, with five resiliency options. This allows you to improve your primary connectivity or use it as a backup to enhance your existing connection, providing continuous availability and defined performance levels.


Cost-effective and secure 

A dedicated and secure connection for your sole use that doesn’t need specialised interface equipment between networks, thereby reducing costs.

Simple and reliable 

High-capacity Dedicated Ethernet links allow the merging of your voice, video, and data traffic onto a single fast network, reducing duplicate services and costs. 

Dedicated for your use 

Bandwidth is provided over our resilient carrier-grade optical transmission network (OTN) infrastructure, ensuring there are no interruptions or packet loss across your business. 

Low latency 

The latest optical infrastructure offers ultra-low latency with scalable dedicated bandwidth options up to 100Gbps. 

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