Vodafone Ethernet Wireline

Get the bandwidth and flexibility your business needs with Ethernet Wireline (EWL) from Vodafone Business.

Effortlessly link your sites by extending your LAN capability across the country or even the globe 

Combining the benefits of Ethernet and MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology, Ethernet Wireline provides point-to-point or point-to-multipoint (hub and spoke) connectivity to extend your LAN capability between your sites.

Flex or increase your bandwidth at short notice or use the ‘burst’ facility to handle short-term traffic growth. You can also prioritise your traffic and improve service resilience with a choice of three service classes.



Site-to-site data replication and virtual machine migration are just two areas where EWL can help, making day-to-day IT easier. Especially for managing your own IP space and address.


Use the optional ‘burst’ facility when you need extra capacity for network traffic on a temporary basis. Provided that enough capacity is available on the access bearer, traffic can burst up to twice the bandwidth you’d normally have available.


Retain control of IP addressing and routing with EWL – without relying on a third party to make changes. Manage your network quality using VLANs, logically separating traffic using three provided Classes of Service (CoS) to prioritise critical traffic.


Our next generation network is designed from the ground up to transport real-time applications like voice and video. These and other delay-sensitive applications or services can be consolidated onto the same network as general data traffic, reducing total cost of ownership.

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