Five steps to Software Defined Networking success

Learn how our All-in-One Network helps your business

How can your business move to Software Defined Networking (SDN)?

We have a five-step approach to take your business to Software Defined Networking, giving you maximum benefit and minimum hassle. You set the pace and stay in control of your own tailored roll-out based on your own unique retirements.


SDN innovation workshop 

Sign up for a free SDN expert-led discovery session, including interactive presentations, innovative live demos and guided discussions. Learn how SDN can support your long-term business goals, solve your immediate networking issues and save money.


SDN readiness assessment 

Book a one-to-one session with one of our SDN specialists to understand your IT and business priorities and identify the key SDN benefits for you. You’ll come away with a clear roadmap of how and when you should deploy SDN, based on your business objectives, technical strategy and existing infrastructure. 


SDN demo 

We'll deliver a tailored SDN demo to identify the capabilities and functionality you need, with zero risk or operational disruption. You’ll see SDN in action and learn how it will deliver for your business. You’ll be able to create a compelling business case with quantified benefits, so you can get stakeholder confidence before deployment.


SDN proof of concept 

To give you total confidence, we offer a proof of concept or limited pilot deployment to demonstrate SDN in action. You’ll get first-hand experience of how SDN performs in your own network environment, delivers against your business requirements and addresses any current issues you have. 


SDN deployment 

We’ll give you all the local, national and international support you need to go live – whatever your ambitions. We’ll help you implement SDN for your business at a pace that suits you, and in a way that prioritises security, quality of service and your specific business needs. 

All-in-One Network explained 

Learn about our All-in-One Network from Vodafone and see how you can capitalise on everything SDN has to offer. 

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