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It’s time for a network built for the digital, cloud-first business

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the much-needed answer to the problems posed by complex and expensive networking environments. With SDN, the network is configured centrally, which means changes can be automated and made quickly, in response to new business and application demands.

Key benefits

Visibility and Control

Visibility & Control

SDN gives you a single, real-time view, and centralised control, of your whole network. See where the demand is, and solve issues before they occur.



The virtual network environment makes it easier to update your security rules and react more quickly to threats, across all sites, devices and the cloud.



SDN saves you money on two counts. It costs less to manage, thanks to greater user control, and also lets you choose the cheapest available route for your data.



SDN lets you respond rapidly to business and application needs. You can add or remove bandwidth and capabilities to your network according to demand.

SD-WAN with Vodafone

Supercharge your transformation by combining SDN connectivity with Cloud & Security

Find out how Vodafone’s experience, scale and investment in Cloud, Security and Connectivity can help businesses in Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail to join the dots.


Financial Services


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SDN with cloud security, it’s time to make the connection

To make the most out of ‘the great cloud migration’, businesses need to review their underlying connectivity, improve their network performance, and balance this with their security.

SDN Insights

Get the lowdown on everything SDN in our series of blogs

Finally, the enterprise network has a revolution to call its own

By Anne Sheehan

Unified communications revolutionised how we use voice and video. The cloud how we deliver applications. IoT how we connect, manage and map our devices. Now, it’s the turn of the enterprise network. In this blog we explain how SDN is about to change everything.

Why SDN won’t be a ‘thing’ for long

By Jon Buckthorp

Wasn’t long ago there was huge buzz about this thing called the cloud. Today, it’s just something we take for granted. Crucial for doing digital business. We believe the software-defined network is destined for the same indispensable future. Read why in this blog.

What SDN and the music industry have in common

By Larry Dutton

The way we record, distribute and listen to music has changed enormously. We’ve gone from LP to cassette to CD. But the real leap was from hardware to digital streaming. Enterprise networking is about to make the same leap. Learn how in this blog.

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