Bodyworn Vision for business

Smart surveillance with Vodafone Business.

Keep people safe with Bodyworn Vision

Bodyworn Vision keeps your people safe by live streaming key moments, with the ability to playback crucial moments in high definition. It combines cutting-edge mobile cameras with our market-leading network and Internet of Things (IoT) expertise, as well as a powerful application for storing and analysing footage.

How can Bodyworn Vision transform your business?

Centralise your expertise

Make sure your team communicates with experts remotely to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Secure and manage evidence

Always-on surveillance and optional real-time facial recognition even in busy, congested areas.

Make your people feel safe

Always-on recording and the ability to stream live when needed, making sure they know they’ve always got an extra pair of eyes on the situation.

Visibility in supply chains

Surveillance can reduce cost through identifying inefficiencies.

Accountability and transparency

Surveillance can help mission-critical environments like defence, law enforcement agencies and special forces build trust.

Smart Vision Enhanced

City Vision is a robust IoT security solution, but if you have more bespoke requirements for the management of your solution, or the storage of your data, we also offer Smart Vision Enhanced. 

Your data never leaves the UK, and your solution is managed 24/7 by UK-based staff.

Your IoT security solution is run with military-grade technology and processes.

You have access to a secure helpdesk and site visits from experienced cyber security professionals.

Who is Bodyworn Vision for?

These IoT security solutions have been used in some of the most challenging environments, including:

Evidence management

e.g. investigative work

Employee protection

e.g. police services, paramedics

Emergency services

e.g. fire service

Critical environments

e.g. manufacturing businesses

Corporate accountability

e.g. facilities management companies

Monitoring public spaces

e.g. local governments

Lone workers

e.g. construction industry

Vandalism prevention

e.g. retail sector, stadiums

Customer FAQs

No, you can run Bodyworn Vision cameras using a standard data SIM without the need for fixed IP addresses.

Bodyworn Vision works on any network from 2G to 4G. The video recording will be compressed to the available bandwidth without affecting quality and can then be played back in HD when uncompressed.

Instead of moving data to the cloud, we analyse information at the edge of the network for real-time observation. While our cameras are always recording, live streaming can be turned on when needed, saving money.

Facial recognition is an optional extra, as well as the option for analytics while live streaming.

No, the camera can decide when it needs to stream, it doesn’t have to be manually switched on.

Key features

High-definition recording

Synchronises audio and allows data storage.

Real-time live streaming

Ensures you don't miss a moment even on low bandwidths.

Reliable video

Works even in poor network conditions, with HD playback available for crucial incidents.

Optional facial recognition

Available as a chargeable extra (coming soon).

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