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Monitor what matters most with our Smart Wireless Camera

Keeping an eye on remote locations and assets can be tricky, especially when it’s not feasible to install traditional CCTV. Our Smart Wireless Camera is a low cost, low maintenance solution that can be used day and night, in almost any location and in all weather conditions.

By bringing together our leading IoT network, hardware and analytics, our Smart Wireless Camera offers you powerful surveillance where you need it most.

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Vodafone Smart Camera

How can our Smart Wireless Camera help your business?

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Greater versatility

Go where traditional surveillance can’t. With no cables and a weather-resistant design, our Smart Wireless Cameras can be easily installed and redeployed almost anywhere.

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High security, lower costs

With no major infrastructure requirements or regular site visits needed, our Smart Wireless Camera is a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to monitor your business.

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Effortless monitoring

Our solution captures information in real-time and analyses images to identify suspicious activity and deliver the alerts you need, helping to keep your people, assets and sites safe.

Smart Camera Pro

Offering discreet monitoring all hours of the day, our Smart Camera Pro is one of the few cable-free cameras in the market. By analysing HD images captured in the cloud via Artificial Intelligence such as object recognition, our solution ensures you have greater visibility over what matters most.

Smart Camera ANPR

Designed to run indefinitely on its own power 24 hours a day, our Smart Camera ANPR can capture vehicle registrations, even when they’re moving. The compact solution is easy to install and constantly “on”, helping you to monitor vehicles in the target zone.

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Customer FAQs

How are Smart Wireless Cameras different to traditional CCTV?

Can Smart Wireless Cameras integrate into my existing business systems?

I think I need video – is this an option?

How many cameras do I need, and what happens if one breaks?

Why Vodafone?

With Vodafone as your solution partner, you get access to:

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A reliable, robust and secure IoT management platform built on years of experience

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Competitive SLAs and an architecture that scales with your needs

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An all-in-one solution that brings together connectivity, hardware, and analytics

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A solution enabled by an industry-leading IoT mobile network, with no need for on-site WiFi

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