Smart Wireless Camera for business

Solve issues faster with mobile surveillance in any location with Vodafone Business.

Secure vulnerable spaces quicker with Smart Wireless Camera 

Life is unpredictable at the best of times – and it’s often the small issues which lead to big disruptions, whether that’s equipment breakdown, theft, vandalism or Health & Safety violations.

Many of these problems can be more quickly resolved or entirely prevented by a solid surveillance solution. But traditional wired CCTV can be expensive and doesn’t work well in remote locations – so it simply isn’t always the answer. That’s why we’ve developed the Vodafone Smart Wireless Camera. 

Smart Wireless Camera can help your business:


Prevent problems and deter criminals with the ability to quickly install and redeploy anywhere. 


Get real-time alerts so every incident is flagged, ensuring you never miss a moment. 


See high-quality imagery you can rely on, ready for you to act, wherever you are. 

Unlock the power of surveillance

Smart Camera Pro

Offering discreet monitoring all hours of the day, our Smart Camera Pro is one of the few cable-free cameras in the market. Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse HD images in the cloud. This includes object recognition, giving you better visibility over what matters most.

Smart Camera ANPR 

Designed to run indefinitely on its own power 24 hours a day, our Smart Camera ANPR can capture vehicle registrations, even when they’re moving. The compact solution is easy to install and constantly “on” - helping you to monitor vehicles in the target zone.  

Key features

Wave goodbye to expensive installation

Our camera makes it easy to solve problems without the hassle of expensive installation. It’s an agile surveillance solution that’s quick to install, and can be redeployed easily, without being hard mounted by an engineer. If you need to solve problems in a new place, you can move the cameras with ease. 

Capture high-quality images you can rely on

This low-maintenance IoT solution can provide high-quality surveillance imagery up to an evidential standard for your peace of mind. What's more, because the tool is mobile-first, you can access it from anywhere - giving you peace of mind.  

Monitor on your mobile 

The Smart Wireless Camera solution ensures effortless monitoring over your sites. Real-time alerts mean you can start fighting back against the disruptions that ruin your day – and your bottom line. 

Save energy with green surveillance 

Our camera is also a low-power solution that offers green surveillance when you need it, with the option to work off solar if required. Whether you’re looking to cut energy costs, or keep your business carbon neutral, our camera keeps a watchful eye over your assets without draining your resources.

Why Vodafone

Truly flexible support

We offer dependable support via phone or email anytime, anywhere. 

Reliable, robust solution 

Our camera comes with future-proof connectivity backed by our leading IoT platform.  

All-in-one product 

Take advantage of connectivity, hardware and analytics.  

Competitive pricing 

We offer competitive pricing and a solution that’s scaled to meet with your needs, all from one trusted vendor.  

Customer FAQs

Our solution is mobile first. You can install multiple cameras in a single area and benefit from real-time access to your footage. Because they’re completely wireless, you can deploy them in much more challenging, remote locations or rapidly provide surveillance where CCTV cannot cover. 

Smart Wireless Cameras can run independently of any of your existing infrastructure, or they can be fully integrated into your security and business systems as required. 

Our IoT solution captures a series of frames or images rather than full motion video. Only the necessary information is recorded - helping you prevent excess traffic on your network. Set up automatic filters to capture everything you need. 

Our Smart Wireless Camera is a flexible solution. You can deploy as many or as few as you need for the location you’re trying to cover. If a camera breaks, it’ll not affect others in your network. Our service team will advise you if we need to repair the camera – or if an engineer is necessary, we’ll send one. 

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