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The Internet of Things and your business

Part 2

Scott Petty
Vodafone CTO

2 minute read


How can the Internet of Things help your business?


Is IoT suitable for your business – or is it just for people in other sectors? Read on to find out more.

What can IoT do for me that I can’t do already?

IoT could enable your business to improve efficiency, discover new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction and more. It can do this by giving you:

  1. Highly valuable insight into your operations – understanding the location or state of things you couldn’t see before
  2. An overview of performance across the business – the ability to track workflows and supply chains from end to end
  3. Foresight – the ability to anticipate future needs, including whether a piece of equipment is starting to malfunction and will need fixing, for example.

Think about your own business for a second. What could you achieve if you could see everything going on, and if all of those different processes worked seamlessly together, proactively alerting you to potential issues weeks or months before they become a problem?

The impact would be pretty far reaching, wouldn’t it? I know it may all seem far off right now, but these sorts of insights are already available and it’s our mission to help you realise the benefits, sooner than you might have thought possible.

IoT really is a transformative opportunity for your business, whatever your size or sector. With the right end-to-end solution – backed by our global network – you can set your business up for future success and evolution with IoT.

IoT can make all kinds of exciting things possible for your business, and the time to get started is now.

How can I use IoT in my business?

If you’re yet to make your first move into IoT, our range of Smart Solutions is a good place to start. We designed them to solve common problems for businesses of all types and sizes, and they’re easy to implement and manage.

Each of our solutions has a sensor and SIM inside and uses our network to connect to the internet. In each use case, we tailor the technology to meet specific business challenges. Our Smart Camera, for example, is wireless and doesn't need a power supply, whereas our Building Surveillance kit connects to your existing CCTV infrastructure so there’s no need to replace any hardware.

We also built our IoT solutions to be flexible enough to meet a range of needs across numerous sectors. For example, we’ve helped utility companies install Smart Cameras to monitor remote sites where setting up a wired connection would cost too much money. And we’ve helped local governments install them to keep people safe at events like music festivals and football games.

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