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When milliseconds matter

More and more businesses are realising what’s possible with the Cloud and making their services more flexible, agile, and connected than ever before. But in some cases, sending data to a central cloud for analysis and back again isn’t fast enough.

When speed is critical, multi-access edge computing can help. Instead of data from a device being sent all the way to the Cloud to be processed, it allows data to be processed closer to the source, at the edge of the cloud.

The low latency of edge computing is a game-changer in situations where milliseconds matter. With data needing less time to cross the network, exciting new possibilities are opened up.

Graphic of different devices sending data to cloud server

Why edge computing?

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Keep your people safer

Emergency services can benefit from real-time situational awareness, and make critical decisions more quickly

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See hazards before they appear

Vehicles can analyse data in real time, predicting hazards and delivering actionable insights to drivers, making roads safer

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See everything when you can't be everywhere

Transport network personnel can get real-time insights from the network to offer safer, more reliable journeys

The benefits of edge computing

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Decision-making in milliseconds

Data is captured locally without crossing the network. This means no time is lost in transferring data, enabling sensors and devices such as autonomous vehicles to act in milliseconds.

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Bandwidth efficiency

With decision-making happening at the edge, your most important data can be prioritised when bandwidth is in high demand and less critical data can be streamed to the cloud at quieter times.

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Optimal performance, secured

As data processing moves to the edge, computing power increases – sophisticated services can reach a wider range of devices, reducing cost and battery requirements.

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Regulatory compliance

Data can be stored and manipulated in a given and predictable physical location, satisfying stringent regulatory and compliance requirements.

Edge solution types

Vodafone Business offers two types of Edge: Distributed and Dedicated. The best option for your business will depend on your goals.

Distributed Edge

Distributed Edge supports multiple businesses and is embedded at the edge of a public 4G or 5G network. This means less of an investment in network infrastructure is needed. By embedding computing and storage services at the edge of the network, you can run applications with reduced latency (lag).

From automated security alerts and real-time analytics to new AR gaming applications, Distributed Edge delivers next-generation experiences that weren’t possible before.

We’ve partnered with AWS to offer storage, networking, management, security, and compute base services to help you get the best of what Distributed Edge has to offer.

Dedicated Edge

Dedicated Edge is built solely for your business. We deploy Dedicated Edge at your site, possibly along with a Mobile Private Network (MPN), providing secure, dedicated connectivity for your business. Your data will be stored locally, enabling applications that depend on minimal delay to work.

Partnering with Microsoft Azure and Kyndryl, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business. We bring the transformational potential of 5G and mobile private network connectivity by:

  • Integrating Dedicated Edge Computing with your existing systems
  • Reducing complexity by managing the solution end to end
  • Providing flexibility to enable a hybrid multi-cloud strategy

Why Vodafone Business?

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Making it all work better together

As a single trusted partner that combines leading connectivity, security and multi-cloud services, we can deliver high performance, reliability and flexibility.

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Best global network and expertise

We ensure your people, customers, places and assets are intelligently connected wherever they are. Our experts serve 1200+ of the world’s leading multinational corporations with dedicated account teams.

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Mitigating risk, maximising value

We provide end-to-end data security from device to cloud, all without our customers’ data ever leaving our network.

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Leading 5G + edge computing technologies

We provide dedicated edge with Mobile Private Network and distributed edge with 4G/5G and been identified among ‘Edge Computing Companies to Watch’ in 2021 and 2022 by STL Partners.

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