Emergency Services

Boost responsiveness and empower front-line services with secure, efficient solutions.

Those you trust, trust Vodafone to keep them connected

Emergency services trust Vodafone to keep them connected. Over 82 percent of the UK’s emergency services have connectivity contracts with Vodafone’s reliable award-winning network.

Vodafone keeps police officers connected

West Midlands Police have over 10,000 police officers, so it's important that they have an agile workforce. Learn how Vodafone supported their digital transformation to keep their officers better connected in the community.

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Next steps on the digital journey

Emergency services have well established digital strategies, but now they must transform their organisations further. New ways of working are improving services and reducing response times, while ensuring the safety of people and places.

Ensuring UK emergency services are fit for the future

Vodafone is helping emergency services across the UK gain easy access to transformational digital technologies and accelerate their digital adoption, at a time when budgets and resources are under a lot of pressure.

Making change happen – right now

At Vodafone, our track record in emergency services rests on a deep understanding of the challenges today’s blue light emergency services leaders face, day in, day out. Around two thirds of the UK’s emergency services use our products and solutions – find out how we’re helping them make change happen.

Let’s realise your ambitious technology vision

We’re helping UK emergency services to deliver a faster, more targeted response, for less cost than ever before.

Services tailored for you

Improve your operational capacity in the face of budgetary challenges with solutions right for your organisation.

IoT: Local SIM

Improves your ability to monitor and react to events by letting your smart devices communicate locally.

“BlackBerry AtHoc allows us to share and receive real time information. The messaging platform will help us rapidly respond to internal operational issues and ensure accurate information is shared across multiple departments and personnel.”

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