Keeping officers connected in the community

West Midlands Police have partnered with Vodafone to help digitise their officers, so they can focus more time on serving the public and less time on paperwork.

West Midlands Police have got over 10,000 police officers and it's important that they have an agile workforce, that's able to work anywhere, at any time. Vodafone has been a partner of West Midlands Police for over ten years and has supported their digital transformation to keep their officers better connected in the community.

Vodafone provides West Midlands Police with the data connectivity for their mobility devices and a managed service solution to support with their strategic planning.

By enabling officers to submit data in real time, this is helping West Midlands Police to drive further efficiencies and to deliver a better service to the public. This means officers can take a witness statement on their phone or laptop and get the victim to sign it there and then. Pictures of the crime scene can also be taken to share with the control room and held for evidential use later in the investigation or even at court.

Because the officers are dealing with members of the public, and for many at their most vulnerable time, West Midlands Police are confident that by using the Vodafone network the information is transmitted not only quickly, but also securely. Vodafone understands the importance of reliable and secure connectivity for not only the Police service but also other emergency services, which is why 77%¹ of them use our network.

By partnering with Vodafone, West Midlands Police are looking to innovate their operations with new technology, as they look to continuously evolve their organisation and deliver a great service to the public.

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