Vodafone to transform rural Dorset with 5G as a blueprint for rural Britain

Vodafone is working with a DCMS-backed consortium to show how 5G can transform an entire community and help save lives by delivering innovative technologies for Coast & Rescue, Agriculture, Tourism and Business Acceleration.

  1. Vodafone’s 5G network opens the door to a range of tourism, education and entertainment applications as part of the 5G Rural Dorset project

  2. Emergency response teams on the Jurassic Coast can reach those in trouble much quicker thanks to 5G-enabled drones, while interactive displays with real-time updates alert visitors to potentially hazardous conditions

  3. Vodafone is also involved in launching a 5G innovation hub in Winfrith to encourage collaboration between local companies and accelerate development of digital products

Vodafone’s high-speed, ultra-low latency 5G network will transform everyday life, bringing new opportunities to rural Dorset residents and the millions of tourists who visit every year

Immersive experiences on 5G

Take Lulworth Estate, site of the world-famous Durdle Door, for instance. A visitor could enjoy an augmented reality history lesson, travelling through the ages on their smartphone with no lag thanks to Vodafone 5G’s ultra-low latency and high speeds.

A connected coast

Vodafone’s 5G network could also be a potential life saver along the stunning Jurassic Coast, where search and rescue teams are under pressure to monitor the safety of residents and visitors round the clock.

The adoption of 5G-connected interactive digital displays would give people real-time information about tide times and sea conditions before they reach the water, enabling the intervention of the drowning chain from the start.

“5G can help keep vulnerable people safe and well, deliver economic growth, and provide enhanced educational and social opportunities. We look forward to sharing our learning experiences with other parts of the UK.”

Making Dorset a 5G innovation powerhouse

In Winfrith, Vodafone UK will be opening a 5G innovation hub so local companies can develop and test digital products and services together.

This facility will enable businesses to integrate Vodafone's 5G network into their core business applications and act as an agent of real transformation for Dorset communities, enabling collaboration between manufacturers, and rapid prototyping for quicker market deployments.

Vodafone and the consortium partners’ objective is to transform rural Dorset, enabling connectivity in sensitive and highly protected landscapes – opening up a plethora of 5G enabled use cases that will revolutionise how people work and live.

The 5G Rural Dorset project should act as a blueprint for all rural Britain and highlight the true transformational powers of 5G.

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