Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager

Stay in control of your business spending by setting limits on your calls, texts, data, and more.

How it works

Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager puts you in charge of how much you spend on out-of-plan charges on each of your devices. It covers the types of services that aren’t included in your monthly allowances, protecting you from running up unexpected charges. Regular services like Extras or insurance aren’t covered by Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager and can still be purchased and used as normal.

Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager is only available on plans bought from 1 October 2018. Call 191 or your Account Manager or go to the My Vodafone app to set up and manage your plan.

Find your plan 

Consumer Pay Monthly Plans for Small Business 

Essentials Plan, Red Extra, Red Entertainment, Mobile Broadband*

Small business mobile solutions Pay Monthly Plans 

Business Value, Business Premier, Business Black, Business Black Global, Business Value with One Net Anywhere, Business Premier with One Net Anywhere, Business Black with One Net Anywhere, Business Black Global with One Net Anywhere, Business Extra, Business Extra with One Net Anywhere**

Pay Monthly Plans for medium-sized businesses (10-49 employees) 

Business Plus, Business Plus with One Net Anywhere, Business Plus with One Net Business, One Net Business, Mobile Broadband**

Pay Monthly Plans for larger businesses (50 or more employees) 

Business Advance, Business Freedom, Business Optimiser, Mobile Broadband***

Mobile plans for the Public Sector 

Public Sector Inclusive, Standby and Mobile Broadband***

*For more information refer to https://www.vodafone.co.uk/smbspendmanager
**For more information refer to https://www.vodafone.co.uk/smespendmanager
***For more information refer to https://www.vodafone.co.uk/largespendmanager

Key features

Stay in the know

You’ll get notifications when you’re close to your spend limit, so you can stay in control of how you use your phone.

Spend your way

If you hit your spending limit but need to continue using out-of-plan services, it’s easy to change it or turn it off.

Manage your way

You can manage your spend limit online, in the My Vodafone app, in store or by calling 191 (free from your Vodafone mobile).

Your plan’s safe

We’ll never stop you using your plan’s allowance, Extras or any other regular services, even if you’ve hit your spending limit.

What’s covered?

Covered by Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager

  • Out-of-plan charges for data, minutes and texts

  • Picture messages

  • Video calls

  • Global Roaming daily fee/Business Traveller daily fee for using your phone in a Roam-further/Business Traveller destination

  • Premium rate calls and texts

  • Calls to “short code” numbers (such as voting on TV shows)

Not Covered by Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager

  • Fixed phone and broadband services

  • Vodafone Insurance (including Vodafone Rapid)

  • Charge to bill subscriptions and payments (such as Spotify Premium or app purchases)

  • Charity donations (such as through JustTextGiving)

  • Any RPI-based price plan increases

  • Recurring premium text messages

  • Additional extras

  • Any fees and account-level charges (such as for paper billing or early termination)

  • V by Vodafone services

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