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Get high-speed internet in minutes with Vodafone GigaCube

Whether you're struggling to get a good fixed broadband service in your area or looking for a portable Wi-Fi solution to use wherever your business takes you, Gigacube is the answer. Simply unbox, plug in, and you'll be ready to connect up to 64 devices* in minutes.

*Dependent on local conditions.

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What size is your business?

GigaCube has huge potential for medium and large businesses. Whether you want to help your team collaborate on the go, get online quickly at a new or temporary site, or provide a reliable Wi-Fi signal at a corporate event – we'd love to hear from you.

10-150 employees

Medium Business

Get the mobile connectivity solution you need to stay ahead in today's fast changing world. Talk to one of our advisers about GigaCube today.

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150+ employees

Large Business

Give your workforce the flexibility to collaborate and connect wherever they need to. Talk to one of our advisers about GigaCube today.

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Why 5G GigaCube?

Helping to combat buffering

GigaCube's 5G speed can help to reduce buffering, so you can enjoy what you love, uninterrupted.

Plug and play

Get instant internet access without the fuss of setting up a new Wi-Fi connection. Connect up to 64 devices quickly and easily.*

Control your plan

Choose your plan with a set data allowance, and avoid extra charges thanks to a capped monthly data usage.

Download in seconds

Ever needed a file straight away, but had to wait for it to download? 5G downloads can take just seconds, so you'll get it in no time.

Please note: the 5G-ready Gigacube will work on your 4G network until 5G coverage is available. See where 5G is available to help find the best device for you.

Technical specifications

See full technical specifications

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