Complete Connectivity Hybrid Broadband

Connect your business to our Hybrid Broadband with Automatic 4G Backup and Advanced Security, only from Vodafone Business.

Complete Connectivity with Advanced Security from Cisco Meraki. More than just standard broadband.

What's included

Enjoy a 36-month contract from £75 per site, per month (ex VAT) with no hidden fees. 12 and 24-month contracts also available.

Superfast Fibre Broadband

Do more with quicker loading speeds

Advanced Security

Limit evolving cyber threats

Automatic 4G backup

Stay connected and productive

Online dashboard

Monitor network usage and insights

Key benefits of Complete Connectivity

Automatic 4G Mobile backup

In the unlikely event your broadband goes down, your connection automatically switches to our award-winning* mobile data network to help keep you connected.

Superfast Fibre Broadband

Keep your business connected and secure with totally unlimited Vodafone Fibre Broadband (up to 400Mbps download speed*) (*subject to Full Fibre availability in your area).

Advanced security features

Help protect your people and business from new and emerging cyber threats, with no expertise required thanks to advance security features including advanced malware protection, intrusion prevention and content filtering, along with automatic security updates from world class researchers.

Online dashboard and mobile app

Our intuitive online dashboard and mobile app are designed to make it simpler to manage your network, no matter how big or small. Easily see and control who is using your network so you can prioritise the applications and traffic that matter to your business and ensure bandwidth across all your sites and devices is being used for the right things.

Work remotely and securely

Complete Connectivity comes with two built-in VPNs: a site-to-site VPN that allows you to securely connect multiple premises together, bringing powerful SD-WAN capabilities without the hassle, and a Client VPN that enables your users’ devices to securely access your business network remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for additional software.

A truly scalable solution

Manage multiple Complete Connectivity premises, additional WiFi access points for wall-to-wall coverage and Smart Security cameras all from the same dashboard – making it a truly scalable solution as your business grows.

Guest WiFi with insights

Easily set up and offer your staff and customers access to a secure guest WiFi. Increase engagement with a custom splash page linked to your business social accounts and gain valuable visibility into their behaviour and preferences with insights and usage statistics.


Digital Transformation and Retail

See how Vodafone Business deployed Complete Connectivity with Advanced Security from Cisco Meraki to support this retailer on their digital journey to use technology to improve customer experience, increase productivity and limit security threats.

Support Centre

Take advantage of videos, tutorials and guides to help you get the most out of your Complete Connectivity service, including setting up, using some of the best dashboard features and more to help your business


Once your order has been placed with our sales team, we will do everything we can to get your service up and running as soon as possible. It can take up to 32 calendar days to get your hardware to you and get you connected to our broadband network.

Absolutely. Once you’ve placed your order, leave everything to us to sort out to migrate you from your existing Broadband provider. If you are coming from a provider that doesn’t use the Openreach network (such as Virgin Media), then you will need to cancel your contract with them yourselves.

We certainly think so. Our standard package comes with two devices: a grey Vodafone broadband router and a silver Cisco Meraki WiFi device (which has our SIM card already inside). All you need to do is power up and plug your new Vodafone router into your wall or phone socket. Then, power up the Cisco Meraki WiFi device and using an ethernet cable (either the one provided or your own if you need a longer one), connect the LAN1 port on your Vodafone router to the Internet 1 port on your Cisco Meraki device.

Both routers will need a couple of minutes to perform some updates once connected to the internet. Once the Vodafone router shows a solid green light and the Cisco Meraki device shows a solid white light, you’re good to go. Start connecting your wired and wireless devices to the Cisco Meraki device using the WiFi name and password we sent to you via email and you’re all set.

Learn how to install Complete Connectivity by watching this video.

You can check if your address gets good Vodafone mobile coverage anytime through our coverage checker here:

Before buying Complete Connectivity, our sales team will make sure to advise you on the 4G availability in your area so you can make an informed decision.

For pricing information for all contract lengths as well as our amazing extras, please speak to one of our sales team by calling the relevant phone number.

Our core package is perfect for a small office or area of approximately 30sqm (unobstructed) with around 10-20 users. If the office or site you want to cover is larger than this (or is roughly the same size but has thick internal walls), then we would recommend purchasing additional WiFi Access points to increase your WiFi coverage.

No, Complete Connectivity doesn't provide you with a voice phone line. It provides you with professional grade broadband and WiFi connection to suit all your business data requirements.

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