Higher & further education

Vodafone for Education is helping educators and students do more through a more elastic approach to learning. We’re here to help you adapt to new student needs and a future of blended learning, through a suite of technology solutions that are innovative, simple and secure.

With flexible education that stretches and expands, Higher & Further educators can redefine and push the boundaries of what they and their students can do…

  • Put security first – whether that’s virtual or on campus. Keep staff and students safe, and prioritise their wellbeing.

  • Engage people with tools that encourage collaboration and enable faster connections between students, educators and staff, so everyone can drive better learning outcomes together.

  • Embrace future-leading technologies that attract more students, empower staff and provide an enhanced blended learning experience.

Restricted travel. Reduced support networks. Studying from afar. COVID-19 has highlighted how vital it is that staff and students keep connected. We believe technology is the way to make that happen, because you need the versatility and flex to bend with last minute regulatory changes, yet still have the resilience to maintain teaching practices and standards long term. This is how your students can excel and thrive. This is elastic learning.

With our robust connectivity, expert support, and extensive solution portfolio, you can create a highly flexible and supportive learning environment:

  • Supporting student satisfaction and wellbeing.

  • Preparing for a future of both remote and in-person teaching.

  • Reducing carbon output and costs from physical estates.

  • Scaling solutions to stop shadow IT and optimise costs.

  • Ensuring your digital transformation succeeds with our people-first, long-term approach.

“80% are worried that COVID-19 will affect their university grades.”

Why Vodafone for Higher & Further Education?

  • Leading comms technology innovator.

  • World leader in network connectivity and end-user experiences.

  • Global reach for your global brand.

  • Enterprise grade solutions underpinned by end-to-end support.

“Offering the experience and scale to deliver world-class student experiences, in line with next generation expectations.”

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