Primary & Secondary Education

Vodafone for Education enables you to react fast, ensuring safety and accessible learning for all.

Adapt and adjust to change with solutions that are quick to implement, easy to use and super secure.

Primary and secondary schools can reimagine education beyond funding or equipment concerns, via the Elastic Classroom:

  • Digital access that ensures all students and staff have the right tools and technology to learn remotely.

  • Keep in touch with solutions that get you in contact faster, whether that’s with individuals, on a mass scale or with support assistance.

  • Putting safety first for a seamless transition back to school sites, as well as securing those still working and learning online.

Everything you need to rethink education.
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Your Elastic Classroom for Primary & Secondary Education

1,184,126,508 learners have been affected by school closures globally

COVID-19 accelerated trends that were already set to transform education. From the classroom to exams, disruption is everywhere. In the wake of this disruption, primary and secondary schools would benefit from new technologies to support teachers and young learners across the new education lifecycle. Vodafone for Education has everything you need to help tackle this disruption and rethink education quickly and safely.

Our robust connectivity, expert support, and extensive solution portfolio allows you can create a highly flexible, responsive learning environment by:

  • Delivering remote teaching

  • Creating virtual classrooms

  • Enabling co-learning

  • Adapting to the future of learning and exams

  • Keeping everyone in touch, and reassured

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Reliable and accessible teaching and learning tools backed by Vodafone's trusted network

Why Vodafone for Primary & Secondary Education?

  • Tried and tested people-first approach

  • World leader in network connectivity and end-user experiences

  • Commitment to young talent

  • Leading innovator in communications technology

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