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Features | 24 Feb 2021

Kids call the shots in David Gandy video for Disney Neo smart watch

Fashion icon David Gandy models the Neo smartwatch, now available from Vodafone, under the careful eye of pint-sized photographer Lil’ J-peg.

Supermodel David Gandy helped launch the Neo, the smartwatch for kids from Vodafone and Disney, by starring in a photoshoot directed by children. From posing to make-up and costuming, Gandy took the children’s creativity in his stride.

“The photoshoot was a great example of how much fun kids can have when they’re empowered to unlock their creativity – it’s certainly a job I’ll never forget!” said David.

Neo is now available for buy from the Vodafone website for just £99, plus a monthly mobile connectivity fee starting at just £7. The first 10,000 people to purchase a Neo before 31 March will also receive a £20 Disney eGift voucher.

With the Neo, kids can gain a greater sense of independence as they step into the digital world with a device that they can personalise with their choice of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters. Parents retain peace of mind, as they can contact their child through the Neo by calling or messaging, as well as having the ability to set screen time limits.

“My daughter is growing up so quickly and as she gets older, I know she’ll want to explore the world around her,” David said.

“As technology is rapidly advancing, this of course means it will become part of her life and I want to empower her to do so safely while still staying connected with her.

“It’s therefore great to know I can look after her and also be a part of her journey. Neo is the perfect first step on a child’s tech journey, allowing both parents and kids to have fun together while giving your little one independence and peace of mind to parents.”

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