Press Release | 22 Apr 2024

Vodafone partners with PK Porthcurno, Museum of Global Communications to offer free entry

Simply donate old tech through The Great British Tech Appeal for complimentary access to the Museum of Global Communications.

To mark Earth Day (22 April 2024), Vodafone and PK Porthcurno Museum of Global Communications have joined forces to offer free entry to the captivating heritage site. To gain access, customers simply need to donate an old smartphone or tablet through The Great British Tech Appeal and show their confirmation email at the reception.

The museum is currently hosting ‘Going Mobile’, an exhibition delivered in partnership with the Mobile Phone Museum and sponsored by Vodafone. ‘Going Mobile’ explores the amazing journey of the everyday communication device from an exclusive status symbol, used mainly for voice calls, to a mini computer in our pockets.

“Going Mobile” exhibition – celebrating the journey of the mobile phone

The small Cornish coastal village of Porthcurno plays an important role in the history of global telecommunications.

Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of sustainability, encouraging people to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future, something which Vodafone’s Great British Tech Appeal aims to support. Every donated device is cleaned up, reboxed and given to someone in need – along with six months of free data, calls and texts – or recycled. Both of which help reduce waste and protect the planet. To date, Vodafone has reused or recycled more than 20,000 devices through this programme.

Curated by PK Porthcurno, ‘Going Mobile’ includes more than 70 phones and objects selected from the Mobile Phone Museum’s extraordinary collection of over 2,700 unique devices. These range from the earliest ‘brick’ devices of the 1980s to flip phones, sliders, clamshells and the latest smartphones. The exhibition marks the first time that the phones have been on public display as a collection.

First-ever mobile phone call made 50 years ago today

The mobile phone revolution was ignited on a street corner in New York City, with a cheeky call to a rival, after years of research.

Ben Wood, Founder, Mobile Phone Museum, said: “The sheer number of mobile phones sold annually means there are billions of devices languishing in drawers and cupboards. We are therefore delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with Vodafone to support the Great British Tech Appeal, ensuring that some of these phones have a second and third life or are recycled responsibly. All with the added upside of those donating being able to secure a free visit to the PK Porthcurno Museum to see the exciting ‘Going Mobile’ exhibition.”

Julia Twomlow, Chief Executive and Creative Director, PK Porthcurno, said: “We are delighted to partner with Vodafone and offer free museum entry to those donating their old phones and tablets. ‘Going Mobile’ tells the fascinating history of the mobile phone, but also raises awareness of the environmental impacts of ever-evolving mobile technology. Earth Day and Vodafone’s brilliant Great British Tech Appeal is the perfect opportunity to highlight the need for improved sustainability in the communications industry, and we look forward to welcoming new visitors to the museum for our latest exhibition.”

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Notes to editors:

Offer details: Any customer who donates to the Great British Tech Appeal and shows their Great British Tech Appeal confirmation email will gain free entry for one into PK Porthcurno, Museum of Global Communications. The offer starts 22 April 2024 and runs until 30 September 2024.

PK Porthcurno, Museum of Global Communications

The tiny Cornish village of Porthcurno was once the heart of international telecommunications, boasting the largest telegraph station in the world. Today, the PK Porthcurno is a vibrant and captivating museum and heritage site. Discover our World War II tunnels, which were the secret hub of Britain’s wartime communications; visit the Cable Hut where the UK’s network of underwater telecommunication cables came ashore; explore exhibitions and interactive displays telling the amazing story of global communications from the first practical use of electricity to how we communicate today using fibre optic cables that still run beneath the world’s seas and oceans.

PK Porthcurno is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered in England and Wales. Reg. no. 1189090. PK Porthcurno, Eastern House, Porthcurno, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 6JX | 01736 810966 |


The internet isn't in the cloud, it's under the ocean

Your smartphone's connection depends on hundreds of thousands of kilometres of deep underwater cables pioneered by the Victorians.

Mobile Phone Museum

The Mobile Phone Museum project was conceived by Ben Wood in 2004. In 2019 he worked with a small team to create a not-for-profit entity which is now a registered charity. It is designed to safeguard this important collection of mobile technology heritage and help fund further growth. The collection currently has over 2700 individual models from more than 250 different brands. There are over 6000 devices in total when duplicates are included. In addition to maintaining the collection, there is also an educational dimension to the project – which includes visits to schools and providing resources to students to help them learn about the technology around them.

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