Press Release | 14 Jun 2024

Vodafone extends its Refurb offering with all-new Good Grade range

New Good Grade range will help price-conscious customers get the phone they want for less.

  • Vodafone’s new Good Grade Refurb range offers an alternative to buying brand-new, giving customers savings of up to £216.
  • A Good Grade refurbished phone is in excellent working order, but has some visible signs of use, such as small scratches, dents or marks on the case and screen.
  • Customers can choose their monthly price by spreading the cost of their refurbished phone between anywhere from three to 36 months, thanks to flexible contracts on Vodafone EVO.
  • All smartphones on Vodafone EVO now come with the UK’s only Lifetime Service Promise – with Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty included at no extra cost, meaning phones last longer with Vodafone.
  • Get a guaranteed trade-in saving when you trade in an eligible phone using our Trade-in Tool.

Vodafone has launched a new Good Grade option in its refurbished phone range, which offers customers savings of up to £216 on the latest devices versus buying brand new. A Good Grade device is in excellent working order but has some visible signs of use, such as small scratches, dents or marks on the case and screen. From today, customers will be able to pick up a host of Good Grade devices, including iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S23.

With Great and Pristine condition devices available too, customers can get the right phone for their budget on Vodafone’s reliable, award-winning network*. With huge savings on refurb devices and a lower carbon footprint** versus brand new, Vodafone’s refurb range is kinder on the pocket and to the planet.

Reduce, Reuse, Refurbished: second-hand behaviours on the rise

If 50% of Brits switched to a refurbished device in 2024, an astonishing 63,750,000kg of carbon could be saved, enough to power the equivalent of 88,174 family homes across the UK for a year.

Customers can get peace of mind when they purchase a refurbished device with Vodafone, as every phone purchased on Vodafone EVO comes with the UK’s only Lifetime Service Promise. This market-leading offering provides customers with Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty, at no extra cost.

Customers benefit from free battery health checks and replacements for up to three years with Battery Refresh. What’s more, Lifetime Warranty covers device repairs against manufacturer faults for as long as customers have a Pay Monthly Airtime Plan, meaning phones last longer with Vodafone.

That’s not all, as all refurbished devices are Vodafone assured. This means they are given a 32-point health check to ensure they are in full working order. They’re also fully sanitised and any data left on them is totally wiped. Plus, there’s a 14-day no-quibble return policy.

Vodafone launches UK's only Lifetime Service Promise

Every phone comes with Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty at no extra cost, so phones last longer with Vodafone EVO.

The latest devices from Vodafone’s refurbished range are available on Vodafone EVO, the smart way to buy a smartphone. The flexible mobile offering lets customers get their new device at a monthly price that suits them best.

Customers can decide how much they want to pay upfront for their new smartphone, as well as choose the length of their phone plan – anything from 3-36 months, interest free. Vodafone EVO customers can also take advantage of flexible upgrades, allowing them to get a new phone from three months into their plan.

Get more information on the latest refurbished devices available from Vodafone.

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Notes to Editors

*Reliable, award-winning network: The UK relies on Vodafone as a network provider as it: i) powers critical national infrastructure and 82% of emergency services, ii) has coverage in 99% of UK homes, iii) covers 96% of the UK and iv) has won numerous awards. See full details and awards on our Network page.

**A lifecycle assessment study (Pamminger, R., Glaser, S. & Wimmer, W.), Modelling of different circular end-of-use scenarios for smartphones. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2021) 26:470-482) found that a refurbished phone (used for an average 1.93 years) can have a 55% lower contribution to climate change (or ‘GWP’) compared to a new phone (used for 2.5 years) (according to the study results shown on page 479). Based on this study, buying and using a refurbished phone can be considered to be friendlier for the planet in comparison to buying and using a new phone, because it has a lower negative impact on climate change.

Saving substantiation: Based on device only, iPhone SE 3rd gen 64GB, payment over 36 months. New brand new device price = £416, Refurbished Good device price = £200, saving £216.

Vodafone EVO: lets you select a Monthly Device Plan Credit Agreement (3-36 months) with a monthly Airtime Plan. The device price will be the same whatever you choose. Device Plans over 12 months require a 24-month Monthly Airtime Plan. You can pay off your Device Plan early. If you do, you can then keep your Airtime Plan on a 30-day contract or leave. If your Airtime Plan ends for any reason, you will need to keep on paying your monthly Device Plan (either in full or monthly). Terms.

Lifetime Warranty: is an extended warranty covering manufacturer’s defects (on phones purchased via Vodafone directly), provided you have an active pay monthly airtime. Excludes damaged and tampered phones. Terms and conditions apply.

Battery Refresh: replaces your phone’s battery if it fails one of the Battery Refresh Tool tests. Available for up to three years depending on your plan. On phones purchased via Vodafone directly. Excludes damaged and tampered phones. Terms and conditions apply.

Lifetime Service Promise: means a) Lifetime warranty covering manufacturer’s defects, provided you have an active pay monthly airtime + b) Battery refresh replacing your phone’s battery (for 2 – 3 years), if it fails one of the Battery refresh tool tests. On phones purchased directly from Vodafone. Terms and exclusions apply.

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