News | 14 Mar 2024

Have a cracking Easter break with improved Vodafone signal

The company's ongoing network improvements programme has yielded benefits just in time for the 2024 Easter break.

Easter is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning a getaway or spending it at home with the family, Vodafone’s mobile signal has you covered.

Checking in across UK airports (and 100 metres below sea level)

Passengers and businesses at some of the busiest UK airports, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gatwick Airport, Belfast’s George Best and Newcastle International, are benefitting from our fast 5G and 4G thanks to the installation of dedicated coverage solutions. Heathrow also has 5G installed on masts surrounding its five terminals, while 5G is planned for Luton airport by summer 2024.

The best bit is that 5G can handle more devices simultaneously than 4G, so the connection is super-quick, however busy the terminal gets. Perfect for streaming your favourite boxset or upgrading your hotel from the departure lounge.

Vodafone customers will also be able to get 4G signal while using the Channel Tunnel, enjoying fast and reliable coverage at any point of their journey. 

Vodafone network improvements check out at 10 shopping centres

Vodafone network improvements, both 5G and 4G, are being rolled out in shopping centres across the UK.

Roam if you want to

Once you get to your destination, it’s worth remembering we offer 5G at no extra cost in more locations across Europe than any other UK network. You can roam on a number of our price plans. We also offer roaming passes from a little as £10 for 8 days or £15 for 15 days. 

Take the road less travelled.

For those staying closer to home, ongoing improvements to Vodafone’s network across the country are ensuring even better 4G and 5G coverage. Some of the latest locations to receive a 5G boost include Caerphilly in South Wales; Cold Knap Beach in Barry, South Wales; and Rockley Park in Poole, Dorset.  

Roaming: How to control your mobile data usage

No matter where you're going on holiday, or which Vodafone UK plan you have, here's how you can control your smartphone's data usage - and any extra charges - while travelling.

Coverage is capital in London (and any other major city for that matter)

Vodafone’s ongoing improvements are not limited to the countryside. Significant investment has been made to ensure that 4G and 5G can keep up with the ever-growing demand for mobile data in the UK’s towns and cities. This has led to Vodafone being lauded as London, Bristol and Glasgow’s Best Network based on the NET CHECK 2023 mobile network benchmark. 

The rollout of 4G and 5G across the platforms, stations and tunnels of the London Underground continues.  More than 30 stations across the Central, Northern and Jubilee lines, as well as the Elizabeth line, now have Vodafone signal, with more stations and tunnels getting coverage throughout the year. Vodafone WiFi is also available at stations across the Underground.

A day at the races – with CoWs

Some of the busiest Easter events in 2024 will receive temporary coverage trailers or COWs (Coverage on Wheels). The COWs started this season of special events at Cheltenham Races and will travel on to the Grand National and the London Marathon, before visiting events the length and breadth of the UK to ensure customers at such events can stay connected.  

Moo-sic festivals 2023: how COWs made a summer of strong signal

Ensuring special events, from Glastonbury to the Henley Regatta, get mobile signal requires a fleet of special equipment, planning ahead by a year and eagle-eyed monitoring.

Making an exhibition this Easter

Talking of special events, if you happen to be in Cornwall over the next few months, then don’t miss the ‘Going Mobile’ exhibition at PK Porthcurno, Museum of Global Communications, sponsored by Vodafone UK. It explores the extraordinary journey of the mobile phone – from exclusive status symbol to the every-day mini-computer.

The exhibition includes seventy phones and objects selected from the Mobile Phone Museum – ranging from the earliest ‘brick’ devices of the 1980s to the latest smartphones. You can get 50% off a ticket through VeryMe, Vodafone’s loyalty programme. Just show the relevant VeryMe Rewards entry in the My Vodafone app at the museum desk. The exhibition is open until autumn 2024.

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“Going Mobile” exhibition – celebrating the journey of the mobile phone

The small Cornish coastal village of Porthcurno plays an important role in the history of global telecommunications.