News | 08 Apr 2021

Job seekers receive much-needed boost as Vodafone extends support packages

Vodafone extends cut-price voice and data plan for UK job seekers as part of a number of new support packages launching across Europe, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa.

The £10 voice and data plan, normally worth £35, was first announced on 9 November 2020. It will be available via VOXI Pay As You Go to anyone who has lost their job as a result of the pandemic in the UK. The offer lasts until 31 September 2021. Existing customers who have already taken up the offer will have the deal extended automatically to 31 October 2021.

Building on the enthusiastic reception the offer received in the UK, Vodafone is now looking to lend a helping hand to job seekers in its other markets, too.

As well as discounts and promotions, this might mean ‘zero-rating’ access to job sites in countries without unlimited plans, for example, so that data usage isn’t an added worry when searching for a job.

Job seekers can also learn new skills for free through e-learning platforms like Udemy, which boasts more than 600 courses on technology and professional skills. And they can also use Future Jobs Finder, a self-assessment tool which helps people explore a digital career path based on their skills and interests.

Some confident candidates can even win a chance to promote their CVs to hiring managers through Facebook advertising, paid for by Vodafone.

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Digital skills are as important to Vodafone’s charitable arm, Vodafone Foundation, which in January 2021 committed to investing a further €20m (£17.3m) over the next five years to expand digital skills and education programmes.

Delivered through local charities and non-government organisations in 16 Vodafone markets, the charity estimates that this investment could help 16 million learners by 2025.

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Jobseekers.connected  is the first global project of its kind since Vodafone’s tagline re-brand to ‘Together We Can’, which the British-born business hopes will show the world that combining technology and society can help to build a better future.

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