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News | 09 Apr 2020

Keep tabs on Fido with our great value V-Pet Tracker

Now Vodafone's GPS-enabled pet tracker is even cheaper due to our special offer.

To celebrate National Pet Day, Vodafone UK is offering everyone 24% off the V-Pet Tracker when purchased online between the 9th and 16th April. 

Designed for dogs and large cats, the V-Pet Tracker is a collar-mounted device that is GPS and mobile data enabled. In the event your pet goes missing, you can locate it using an app on your smartphone.

This Live Tracking feature can update you on your pet’s location every three seconds. Live Tracking is complimented by the Safe Zone and Virtual Leash features, which alert you as soon as your pet wanders out of a geographic range that you set, or out of your phone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range. 

The V-Pet Tracker isn’t just for emergencies, it can also monitor your pet’s health: how far it walks, runs and sleeps, to how many calories it burns each day (based on breed). You can even compare your pet’s activity levels with others of the same breed and age, then use this information to plan their diet. 

The V-Pet Tracker has a battery life of around 10 days and is IP67-rated, so it’s dust-proof and water resistant.

To get 24% off the V-Pet Tracker, which includes a year’s worth of mobile data, trot on over to the Vodafone UK eShop.