News | 31 May 2022

Vodafone edges ahead at the National Tech Awards

Vodafone’s work in bringing edge computing to businesses has been recognised with the Mobile Innovation of the Year award at the 2022 NTAs.

Vodafone has won the Mobile Innovation of the Year award for its leading role in the field of edge computing, a technology that helps businesses make the most of cloud computing using the company’s mobile and fixed data networks.

The UK Vodafone Business team was garlanded with the gong at the 2022 National Technology Awards in London.

Vodafone has been working with Amazon Web Services to bring cloud computing power closer to business customers, rather than using traditional data centres. Known as Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), it drastically reduces the response time for data analysis.

Vodafone is the only mobile network operator in Europe to offer both 5G and MEC. This combination of technologies dramatically lowers latency – or lag – speeding up processes and opening up new applications for customers such as Sportable and Digital Barriers.

Living on the edge: What exactly is Multi-access Edge Computing?

Vodafone has announced the launch of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) services for UK business customers starting in spring 2021.

Sportable’s wearable and ball-embedded sensors are used in sports such as rugby to deliver real-time data to coaches, fans, and broadcasters. This can include metrics, such as heart rates and the force of impacts. By using Vodafone MEC, latency is reduced from 100+ milliseconds to under 20 milliseconds, while freeing Sportable from the burden of setting up their own on-site servers with hundreds of metres of cabling.

Cloud computing: Everything you need to know

These days cloud computing touches most aspects of our digital lives, from the apps we use to Vodafone’s mobile network itself. But what exactly is it?

Digital Barriers’ EdgeVis BodyWorn Solution is more than just sets of body-worn security cameras for first responders. The video streams from those cameras are securely delivered in real-time to control rooms using MEC, so that the bluelight services can remain aware of and respond to emergency situations as quickly possible.

Vodafone continues to lead the way in other state-of-the-art areas of mobile network technology that can benefit businesses, from mobile private networks to 5G Standalone.

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