Press Release | 05 Oct 2021

Research reveals that as the trend of cycling to work grows, road safety is one of the biggest concerns for cyclists

Study conducted by Vodafone reveals that half of the UK’s cyclists have taken up cycling in the last 18 months, however one in five don’t feel confident on the roads.

  • New Vodafone research reveals over half (53%)1 of UK cyclists have taken up cycling in the last 18 months, but road confidence is an issue, with one in five not feeling confident on the roads.
  • Safety is an ongoing concern, with two thirds (65%) of cyclists saying that their friends and family worry about them while they are out on the road.
  • The risk is real: one in ten (12%) UK cyclists have been in a road accident and 39% have had a “near-miss”. Meanwhile one in five (19%) have had a bike stolen.
    Meanwhile, almost one fifth (19%) of cyclists say they have had an argument with a motorist over road etiquette.
  • The research marks the launch of the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker – the latest device in the ‘Designed & Connected by Vodafone’ smart tech range – an all-in-one bike safety solution that keeps riders safe, visible and connected. Now available to purchase online.

To mark the launch of the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker, an all-in-one bike safety solution that keeps riders safe, visible and connected, Vodafone has today released new research[1] that highlights the growing popularity of cycling  since the start of the pandemic, as well as concerns around road safety from cyclists.

According to the research, over half (53%) of UK cyclists have taken it up in the last 18 months, with nearly six in ten (58%) frequent cyclists purchasing a new bike during the same period. The way people commute is changing, with three in ten (31%) saying they always choose to cycle over other forms of transport. And the trend is set to grow, with 61% of cyclists saying they will cycle more in the future. Cities across the UK, including London, Brighton, Bristol and Exeter, are also redesigning streets to accommodate this ‘bike-boom’ and create safer cycling routes[2].

As the popularity of UK cycling continues, so does the importance of road safety. The research by Vodafone found that 22% of cyclists are not confident on the roads when they cycle and that two-thirds (65%) of frequent cyclists believe that family and friends are concerned about their safety. Furthermore, cyclists feel most unsafe when cycling on busy roads (44%), leading almost seven-in-ten (68%) to say they are nervous about increased levels of road traffic as the pandemic begins to end.

Almost one fifth (19%) of UK cyclists also admitted to arguing with motorists over road-etiquette with 12% having been in a road accident and 39% having had a “near-miss”. Just under four-in-ten (38%) cyclists believe that rules for motorists should be enforced to keep cyclists safe and prevent accidents. When asked about the most common altercation with motorists, three-in-ten (30%) cyclists have witnessed motorists fail to signal when turning and a similar 30% have felt that a motorist has not given them enough space when overtaking.

Bike theft is also a concern – one in five (19%) cyclists say they have had their bike stolen in the past, leading to two-fifths (41%) saying they would like more places to safely lock their bike.

The Curve Bike light & GPS tracker, which has an intelligent rear brake light, impact detection feature, GPS tracker and movement alerts, has been designed to help address cyclists’ concerns about road safety and bike theft.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone, commented: “This past year has seen the popularity of cycling surge across the UK.  However, our research highlights that cyclists are worried about their safety on the roads and about whether their bike will get stolen.

“We’ve created a product that’s dedicated to helping cyclists feel confident when they commute to work. The Curve Bike light & GPS tracker has been designed to help cyclists feel safer as they ride, as well as to protect their bike when its parked. It’s a great example of how technology can give us extra peace of mind.”

With an ultrabright LED and three light modes that automatically brightens when braking, Curve Bike light & GPS tracker gives cyclists a safer ride no matter what time of day it is. The device combines intelligent lighting with GPS tracking and a connection to Vodafone’s global network with the built-in Smart SIM.

To find out more visit the Designed & Connected by Vodafone website.

Available from £59 (was £79) – plus £3 a month on a 24-month contract – offer valid until 19th October 2021

Key device features include:

  • Intelligent Rear Brake Light: smart brake light that shines brighter if you brake suddenly with an ultrabright LED, up to 40 lumens and three light modes – blink, pulsate or solid beams
  • Impact Detection and Help Alerts: notifies riders’ trusted contacts if they have a fall. Sends a notification, SMS or automated call to let them know where they are
  • GPS tracker with built-in Vodafone Smart SIM: uses GPS tracking so riders can track each ride in the app or follow their bike in real-time if it moves without them. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, it has a built-in Vodafone Smart SIM that connects to the Vodafone network so the bike can be checked from a distance
  • Security Mode with Siren and Movement Alerts: if the bike is moved when Security Mode is armed, a 107dB Siren sounds and sends a Movement Alert to the cyclist’s phone so they can track the live location in the app. Riders can disarm these features remotely in the app
  • Ride insights – riders can create a profile for their bike, a Bike Passport with important info and see their ride history
  • Adaptable & Waterproof IPX7: designed to work seamlessly with your seat post, choose between five adaptors for the ideal fit

The Designed & Connected by Vodafone range of smart tech devices, which launched in 2020, helps people stay connected to the people and things they love. Curve Bike light & GPS tracker joins the Curve family of tracking devices and follows Neo – the kids smart watch developed in collaboration with Disney which launched earlier this year – and the multi-use Curve smart GPS tracker.


Notes to Editors:

  1. Data included in release is taken from research commissioned by Vodafone Smart Tech, conducted by Censuswide from 27 July 2021 to 3 August 2021. The research sample consisted of 2,018 adults living in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain, all of whom ride a bike frequently (fortnightly)
  2. Data from the European Cyclists Federation.

Curve Bike light and tracker is not connected to the brake on the bike and instead detects deceleration, so may not detect all braking occurrences. Not all impacts and movements may be detected, and Zone notifications may not be immediate. Restrictions around addition of trusted contacts may apply. App-controlled features and accuracy of location subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal. Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply. See FAQs for more info. Never operate your phone when cycling and continue to use all additional safety measures you would normally take when operating a bike.

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