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Lifestyle | 05 Oct 2021

Near misses, thefts and road rage: The challenges facing cyclists

The Curve Bike light and GPS tracker can help cyclists with the many issues they must contend with while out on two wheels.

Nearly 40% of cyclists in the UK have narrowly avoided an accident, according to new research from Vodafone. Alongside these ‘near misses’, 19% of cyclists have had their bike stolen and 19% have argued with motorists. Additionally, 65% of cyclists reported that their friends or family were worried about their safety when cycling.

The data comes from a survey of more than 2,000 cyclists in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain carried out in the summer of 2021. The research was commissioned to mark the launch of Vodafone’s Curve Bike light and GPS tracker.

Designed to help cyclists feel safer when out on the road, the Curve Bike light can send notifications to loved ones in the event of an impact or fall. It’s also an extra-bright brake light and water-resistant too. Plus, with its siren, GPS and mobile data connections, it can act as a deterrent to bike thieves.

Vodafone’s survey also revealed cyclists’ frustrations with other road users. Nearly a third reported motorists failing to signal when turning, and a similar proportion complained about motorists not giving enough space when overtaking. Almost as many survey respondents complained about dangerous behaviour, such as drivers opening their doors without checking for cyclists and forcing cyclists into the curb of the road.

Lutfu Kitapci, managing director at Vodafone Smart Tech, said: “The Curve Bike light & GPS tracker helps provide a safer commuting experience for cyclists who often find themselves at the mercy of motorists.

“Designed to help take care of both the rider and the bike when parked, Curve combines elegant design with an intuitive digital experience to give cyclists greater confidence as they ride.”

Learn more about the Curve Bike light and GPS tracker, as well as Vodafone’s other smart trackers and Internet of Things smart devices.

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