Press Release | 01 Aug 2022

Vodafone launches UK’s only unbeatable trade-in offer

New trade-in offer gives customers the best value for their current smartphone – meaning they can get a new device for less.

  • Vodafone upgrades its Trade In Tool to include new unbeatable price promise* – ensuring that customers always get the best price for their current (eligible**) smartphone.
  • Daily price checks ensure Vodafone will never be beaten on trade-in prices.
  • Vodafone’s enhanced Trade In Tool gives customers an instant and guaranteed quote while their phone is still in their hand using the My Vodafone app, no need to go in store.
  • Customers can choose how they receive the value of their smartphone – either as trade-in credit, monthly savings or money right back in their bank account.
  • Customers can give their phone a second life by trading it in – Vodafone resells 97% of phones and any that can’t be sold are recycled.

Vodafone has set a new benchmark for unbeatable trade-in value versus other mobile network’s standard trade-in price, guaranteeing customers the best price for their current smartphone, saving them money when purchasing their new smartphone. Customers will be guaranteed the price they’re quoted when they use Vodafone’s new enhanced Trade In Tool (in the My Vodafone app).

Vodafone is the only network that provides customers with an instant and guaranteed evaluation of how much their smartphone is worth before it’s sent in. By using Vodafone’s Trade In Tool, getting a quote for your current handset will take less than five minutes. The process of trading in your current device is quick and easy to do – customers simply need to:

  1. Use the Trade In Tool to check their current phone is eligible for the Unbeatable trade in offer, to receive an instant and guaranteed unbeatable quote*.
  2. Choose the new handset and enter their trade-in code.
  3. Choose how you receive the value of the device that’s been traded-in – either cash, credit or monthly saving.
  4. Within 14 days of the new airtime plan starting, customers will then send their old phone back to us using the pre-paid returns pack or drop it off into any of our stores.
  5. Customers receive the trade-in payment via their chosen method.

As well as a great way to make a new phone more affordable, customers using trade-in can give their phone a second life. Vodafone resells 97% of phones and those that can’t be sold are recycled.

Vodafone’s market-leading Trade In Tool forms part of the flexible mobile offering that gives customers the phone they want at the price they choose – Vodafone EVO.

Vodafone EVO: Everything you need to know

The newest Pay Monthly mobile plans from Vodafone are not only highly flexible, they’re also brimming with benefits. And they put you in control. Here’s a breakdown of every single one.

Vodafone EVO puts customers in control of how they pay for their new smartphone, giving them the flexibility to decide how much they want to pay upfront for their new device, and over how long they want to pay it off – from three to 36 months at 0% APR.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK, said: “People across the UK are understandably extremely value-conscious right now, but we know many still want to get their hands on the latest tech. So for anyone thinking about getting a new smartphone, we urge them to consider trading in with Vodafone as we can guarantee they won’t get a better price for their current device anywhere else.

“Getting better value for your current smartphone means that you’ll be able to get the latest handset at a more affordable price, saving you money at a time when it’s really needed.”

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Notes to Editors

* Unbeatable Trade-in: offer ends 23.09. Using our daily price check mechanism (Mon – Fri), we’ll offer the best price vs any other mobile network’s trade-in price (excl promotions), when you trade-in an eligible device using our Trade In Tool. Returned device must be in good working condition. Terms, checks & eligibility.

** Please visit the Vodafone UK website for a list of eligible devices for the Unbeatable Trade-in offer.

Reducing e-waste: How your old smartphone can be recycled

Smartphones contain metals and other materials that could be in increasingly short supply unless we recycle more.

Trade-in Guarantee – Available when you trade-in an eligible device using our Trade In Tool, and purchase a new Vodafone Pay Monthly Airtime Plan. Your Trade-in value is guaranteed for seven days from the date of your Trade-in Quote. Device must be returned within 14 days of the start of your new Airtime Plan and meets our requirements. Visit our Terms & Conditions, which also details the eligibility criteria.

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