Press Release | 25 Aug 2020

Vodafone Gigafast Broadband now live in 15 towns and cities across the UK

Vodafone Gigafast Broadband now available for 360,000 homes and businesses across Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

  • Vodafone Gigafast Broadband now available for 360,000 homes and businesses across Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.
  • Vodafone collaborated with Openreach to deliver home broadband with speeds of up to 900Mbps on a full-fibre connection.
  • Arrival of Vodafone Gigafast Broadband brings ‘Gigafast Status’ to these three cities as it complements existing Vodafone 5G, making the fastest data speeds available across both broadband and mobile.

Vodafone has extended its Gigafast Broadband roll-out to Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool, meaning Gigabit speed broadband is now available in 15 towns and cities and is set to become available in three million homes and businesses across the UK over the next year.

The news also means Vodafone’s Gigafast Broadband service is now live on multiple infrastructure partners. The new cities follow a commercial deal signed with Openreach, the country’s largest network infrastructure provider, in November 2019.

The service will initially be available to 360,000 premises across the three cities expanding to over 500,000 premises by mid-2021 as Openreach extends its infrastructure. Meanwhile, 12 other towns and cities are part of an existing agreement with CityFibre.

Unlike most home broadband services based on old telephone lines, Vodafone’s full-fibre broadband uses all optical-fibre cables at every stage of the connection. This gives users download speeds of up to 900Mbps, which is 14 times faster than the average fixed broadband service in the UK. Residents and businesses across these cities will now be able to enjoy fast connectivity like never before and a reliable broadband connection.

Alongside Vodafone Gigafast Broadband, customers who have a Vodafone 5G smartphone across Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool are already enjoying a fast and seamless mobile data performance. Vodafone 5G is perfect for picking up where you left off at home, ensuring faster data speeds when downloading data, even in crowded areas. The arrival of Gigafast Broadband in the three cities comes just over a year after Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool became some of the first cities in the world to go live with 5G when Vodafone switched on the service in July 2019.

Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK, said: “Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool now have some of the fastest mobile and broadband speeds in the UK. Great news for consumers with the latest 5G devices, but also for each city’s future.

“Vodafone Gigafast Broadband and Vodafone 5G will form crucial foundations for the cities’ continued economic growth. Gigafast cities are the cities that will proudly play their part in shaping the future of the UK.”

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Notes to editors:

  • Prices start at only £55 a month for a Gigafast 900 plan. Residents can find out more about the full-fibre broadband service and register their interest by either visiting their local Vodafone store or the Vodafone website.
  • Vodafone full-fibre Gigafast Broadband service is currently available in Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Coventry, Edinburgh, Huddersfield, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea and Stirling through the agreement with CityFibre.

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