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Smart Living | 10 Sep 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G: Seven ways to supercharge the way you work and play

The new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is now available from Vodafone Business and is full of features designed to help you be more creative and stay even closer to your team and customers, whether you’re a sole trader or the boss of a thriving small business.

We take a closer look at the headline features that are great for powering new ways of working.

1. Keeping even more connected

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra now comes with Microsoft apps built in as standard [1], so you can access your emails, contacts and calendars instantly. And with Word, Excel and collaboration apps like Teams at your fingertips you can easily update spreadsheets, write documents and join meetings wherever you are.

Teams is also great for supporting remote project work, group chats and professional video meetings and calls, helping you keep in close touch with staff, suppliers and customers.

Plus, the Note20’s Infinite-O Display means video calls and Microsoft 365 documents have crisp display. Its dynamic refresh rate also changes for each content type – saving battery when needed.

2. Tapping into next-generation network speeds

The roll-out of Vodafone’s 5G network is bringing next-generation connectivity across the UK, offering much faster upload and download speeds than 4G, no matter the file size. The Note20 Ultra brings you this 5G power, so you can access PDFs to PowerPoint presentations, videos to images, at greater speed.

Furthermore, with 5G, video latency is all but eliminated, resulting in smooth, crisp video streaming. 5G functionality is also useful in situations where there is no Wi-Fi. And, with Vodafone’s Unlimited plan, there’s no need to worry about data limits.

3. Capturing ideas and notes wherever you are

Ever had that moment where an idea comes to you that you just have to write down? Or a vital piece of information that you need to remember for a later date? With the Note20 Ultra and its S-Pen feature, you have a smart notepad to hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G screen and S-Pen

Credits: Vodafone UK

The S-Pen is a defining feature of the Samsung Note20, providing an experience that mirrors using real pen and paper – even mimicking the sound!

It’s great for capturing ideas on the go, taking notes, drawing sketches or signing e-signatures. You can transfer handwritten notes to text in one tap and sync your notes to other devices like your tablet, laptop or desktop. The pen even has a translation feature.

4. The power of a PC in the palm of your hand

Imagine being able to play and control a presentation instantly from your phone or being able to connect it wirelessly to a Wi-Fi-enabled [2] monitor, TV or screen to create an instant workstation. With Samsung DeX, you can.

By connecting the Note20 to any screen (you can also connect via a cable if not Wi-Fi-enabled) you can use the phone as a keyboard and mouse, a touchpad or a second screen – useful for when you don’t want to carry a laptop around or for presenting documents to a wider audience at impromptu moments.

And, with the S-Pen’s Bluetooth function you can use the pen as a remote controller for seamless, hands-free presentations.

5. Create professional-grade video and photos

Digital marketing is an area of growing interest for businesses looking to expand or enhance their customer experiences, and this is where great video and photography can make a real difference.

The Note20 Ultra gives you the ability to record in 8K (ultra high definition) video and has a separate microphone so you can capture audio more clearly and at a distance.  These are powerful features for creating pro-grade marketing materials like promotional videos or customer tutorials.

And, with its 108MP (megapixel) camera, single-shot photos are unparalleled in their sharpness and quality, giving incredible detail in product close-ups and background details. You can also use the Note20’s S-Pen to have remote control over the camera functions, which is handy for the company team shots.

6. Work securely on the go

With security threats an ever-present challenge for any business, Samsung’s built-in defence-grade security system – Knox – provides welcome real-time security from the moment you turn it on.

Facial recognition and ultrasonic fingerprint detection provide easy authentication, while a multi-layered security platform can detect tampering and protect your data. Samsung Pass uses biometric information to put an end to forgotten passwords, and payments are fully secured with the Knox security.

The Note20 Ultra also supports Dual Persona. This enables you to house your personal and business data in one device – both of which are fully protected.

 7. Maintaining performance throughout the day

The battery in the Note20 cleverly learns your usage patterns, so it knows when and where you need the most juice. High-demand periods are catered for by redirecting power from dormant apps.

And, when you do run low, the Note20’s superfast-charging mode boosts the battery by 50% in just 30 minutes – the time it takes to have that much-needed coffee break.

For more information on Samsung Note 20 Ultra and our bundles business, click here.


[1] Separate licenses for Microsoft Office 365 are still required.

[2] Samsung DeX wireless connection is only available on smart TVs that support Phone Screen mirroring.

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