Vodafone Reinvent 2021 | 17 Jun 2021

Vodafone EVO launches with sensational savings for the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21

New flexible mobile plans make the latest smartphones easier to afford than ever before, with even more savings if customers trade-in their existing smartphone.

  • Vodafone, who unveiled its new flexible mobile offering Vodafone EVO earlier in June 2021, is offering the latest Apple and Samsung devices at exceptional prices.
  • With Vodafone EVO, you can save over £275* when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S21 – with prices starting from £21 per month (£29 upfront) on a 36-month device plan and 24-month airtime plan when trading in a Samsung S10 series device.
  • iPhone 12 can be purchased for just £27 per month (£29 upfront cost) on a 36-month device plan and 24-month airtime plan when trading in an iPhone**
  • Offering a combination of flexible phone contract lengths (between 12 – 36 months), flexibility to trade-in and reassurance of upgrading any time from 12 months, Vodafone EVO sets a new benchmark in customer flexibility.
  • New phone and airtime plans packed with benefits, including free roaming in 81 destinations, ‘Unlimited Data Booster’, unlimited picture messaging, ‘Battery Refresh’ and weekly VeryMe Rewards, give customers great value.

Vodafone has launched exceptional offers for customers wanting to purchase the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 – making it the number one destination for both Apple and Android lovers.

The offers are available now with Vodafone EVO, the mobile offering that sets a new benchmark in flexibility and value for customers. Vodafone EVO, which launched earlier in June 2021 at Vodafone’s Reinvent conference, has been built to address customers’ concerns as they make what is an increasingly important and high value buying decision. Vodafone EVO presents a major shift for Vodafone customers with all*** smartphones now sold in this way, ensuring customers are always getting the best possible value and flexibility.

Thanks to Vodafone EVO, customers can be proud owners of the latest smartphones at prices that offer exceptional value for money. By choosing to purchase one of these new smartphones with Vodafone EVO, customers will save up to £275 when trading in a Samsung S10 series device.

By trading in an eligible device, customers can get their hands on some of the best smartphones on the market with prices starting from:

  • iPhone 12: £27 per month when you trade in an iPhone X, XR, XS or XS Max (£29 upfront cost).
  • Samsung Galaxy S21: £21 per month when you trade in a Galaxy S10 series device (£29 upfront cost).
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: £41 per month when you trade in an iPhone X, XR, XS or XS Max (£29 upfront cost).
  • iPhone 11: £25 per month when you trade in an iPhone X, XR, XS or XS Max (£29 upfront cost).

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK, said: “New Vodafone EVO allows customers to get the smartphone they want at the price they choose. We are setting a new benchmark for flexibility, combining the benefits of device contracts of up to three years, a fantastic trade-in offer and the option to upgrade from one year.”

“We’re putting the customer in charge – we’re giving them flexibility and value, but making sure they don’t have to compromise on quality, with a great network, a great loyalty programme, and great service.”

“To mark the launch of our most flexible offering ever, we’re offering customers the most desired smartphones – at what we think will become market-leading prices.”

Vodafone is the only network to give customers the instant guarantee of a saving on their new plan when they trade in their eligible smartphone, thanks to its Trade-in Tool, accessed via the My Vodafone app. Vodafone EVO also comes with flexible upgrades, so customers can choose to upgrade to a new device as soon as 12 months into their plan. Plus, they can trade in their current device to help pay it off.

illustrative photo of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+

Vodafone is also giving the flexibility of unlimited data to even more customers with its ‘Unlimited Data Booster’. With this new feature, unique to Vodafone, customers can activate unlimited data for a 30-day period, up to six times, on selected plans.

As well as providing great value, Vodafone EVO is packed full of added and unique benefits on selected plans that our customers can take advantage of, including:

  • Battery Refresh – exclusively with Vodafone, EVO customers will not have to worry about a tired battery because we’ll replace it at no extra cost, helping customers keep that new phone feeling for longer. Every phone comes with Battery Refresh included, and customers will be covered for the length of their device plan – that’s up to 36 months.
  • Total Care Warranty – Vodafone is the only network to cover customers with a two-year warranty on all new devices against any manufacturer faults and repairs, for that extra peace of mind. That even includes Apple devices – one year longer than the manufacturer warranty.
  • Unlimited Data Booster – only Vodafone gives customers the choice of unlimited data every month, or unlimited data just when they need it. With our unique Unlimited Data Booster, customers who don’t already have unlimited data in their plan can boost themselves up to unlimited data for 30 days, up to six times at any point in their contract. This is perfect for those customers who need a data boost for those extra special occasions – including staycations or watching their favourite sporting events on the go.
  • Unlimited picture messaging – unexpected MMS charges are a thing of the past, with unlimited picture messaging included in all plans at no extra cost.
  • Entertainment – customers can enjoy the entertainment they love, straight to their mobile for the length of their plan, with a fantastic choice of Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium or YouTube Premium for an additional monthly fee.
  • VeryMe – the award-winning loyalty programme built around what our customers love, with weekly treats and giveaways that change to match their interests. Plus, with Vodafone, customers can choose to gift their rewards to family or friends – even if they’re on a different network.
  • Roaming in 81 destinations – customers on selected unlimited data plans can use their plan abroad, when the time is right, at no extra cost in 81 worldwide destinations. That’s more destinations than other UK networks.
  • 5G at no extra cost – on the UK’s best network, as voted by readers of Trusted Reviews.
  • 5G Roaming – Vodafone offers 5G roaming, and 5G coverage in more places across Europe than any other network.
  • Those who want a smartphone and smartwatch can save even more – Vodafone EVO is the perfect destination for watch lovers who can enjoy the same great flexibility to get the watch they want at the price they choose, with an additional built-in saving of £3.50 on ‘OneNumber’ smartwatch connectivity. This means customers can leave their phone at home and still stay connected from their wrist thanks to Vodafone’s award-winning network.


Notes to editors

* when trading in a Samsung Galaxy S10 series device

** when trading in an iPhone X, XR, XS or XS Max

*** Vodafone brand no longer sells combined handsets and airtime plans. Talkmobile, however, will continue to sell these plans.

  • Vodafone EVO lets you select a Monthly Device Plan Credit Agreement (over 12 – 36 months) with a monthly Airtime Plan. The device price will be the same whatever you choose. Device Plans up to 12 months can have a 12 or 24-month Airtime Plan. Device Plans over 12 months need a 24-month Airtime Plan. You can pay off your Device Plan early, and if you do, you can then keep your Airtime Plan on a 30-day contract or leave. If your Airtime Plan ends for any reason, you will need to keep on paying your monthly Device Plan (either in full or monthly).
  • Flexible Upgrades: upgrading from month 12 of your Airtime plan means a) buying new Device Plan (which is a credit agreement) and Xtra Plan (which is an Airtime Plan) and b) paying off your current Device Plan.
  • Flexibility to Trade In: you must use Vodafone’s Trade-in Tool, your eligible device must be in good working condition and pass the Trade-In checks. A list of eligible devices and terms apply.
  • UK’s Best Network as voted for by readers of Trusted Reviews (October 2020): this award was based on online votes by readers of Trusted Reviews. Readers were provided a list of the major UK network providers to vote on, based on their customer sentiments. The category for ‘Best Network Provider’ received 1,007 votes in total and Vodafone received 603 of those votes (59.88%).
  • Vodafone EVO does not include the Neo smart kids watch.

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