Vodafone Reinvent 2021 | 15 Jun 2021

Sole traders have a flexible partner with Vodafone EVO mobile plans

Sole traders can now have mobile plans that are as nimble and adaptable as they are.

EVO, the flexible mobile plan from Vodafone that puts you in control of how you pay for your new smartphone or smartwatch, is now available for sole trader business customers in addition to consumers.

With EVO, sole traders not only decide how much they want to pay upfront for their new device. They also choose how long they want to take to pay it off – from 12 to 36 months.

EVO also comes with Vodafone’s flexible upgrades, so customers don’t need to wait until the end of their contract to get their next smartphone. Customers can now choose to upgrade as soon as 12 months into their contract. With Vodafone’s ‘Trade-in Guarantee’, they can unlock the value of their current phone by trading it in for a guaranteed sum to help pay off their new phone.

Even more customers than before can take advantage of unlimited data with EVO’s Unlimited Data Booster. With this new feature, unique to Vodafone, customers can activate free unlimited data for a 30-day period, up to six times each year, on selected plans.

EVO for sole traders follows other services and initiatives designed for small businesses, from business boosting packages to help firms get online to free digital skills training and free broadband for six months.

While EVO is only available for consumer and sole trader customers, small business customers (partnerships, charities and limited companies with 1-10 employees) can also access selected airtime benefits by choosing one of our new Xtra Plans as a SIM-only option.

EVO launches on 17 June for all new and upgrading Vodafone customers. All consumer and sole trader device plans from Vodafone will be sold this way, so that customers are always getting the best possible value and flexibility.

Find out more about EVO on the Vodafone website.