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Fairytales for the digital age


How tech can help you reconnect with nature

Nature knowledge isn't what is use to be - 4 out 5 children now can't recognise and oak leaf, or even a bumblebee. But it's not too late to reverse this. Read our article on how technology can help you and your family reconnect with the wildlife around you.

5 digital resources to boost mental health

From tween workouts to junior mindfulness, we take you through our top 5 online tools for promoting children’s physical and mental health.

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The 3 biggest learnings from lockdown

Lockdown Learnings – the latest insights and research on technology and parenting.

Make your Digital Family Pledge

Start working towards some house rules and a better balance with our Digital Family Pledge.

Future Jobs Finder

Want to future-proof your career? This simple tool shows you which digital roles would suit you best based on your unique skills and interests.

Top tips for first phones


Charlotte Robertson, co-founder of leading digital wellbeing organisation Digital Awareness UK, shares her top three tips for parents thinking about giving their child their first phone.

The latest 5 apps every parent should know about

At Digital Awareness UK, we speak to thousands of young people each week and get exclusive access to their insights on the latest apps and crazes that are sweeping across the online world.

What to do if ...

Things will go wrong online. How you respond when they do will make all the difference in the long term.



The dangers of fake news - and how to avoid falling for it

From coronavirus to 5G, here are the fake news dangers affecting kids now - and how to protect them

Is digital babysitting really that bad?

Are you worried your kids are spending too much time online?

What will your family’s Covid-19 tech legacy be?

With a few months of Covid restrictions behind us, we're starting to see technology transform almost every aspect of our family life. Netflix screenings with friends and Joe Wicks’ PE lessons on YouTube are now shaping our days. What have we learned about our family’s relationship with technology?

Parental controls & filtering advice

Tips, tricks and advice for setting up parental controls and privacy settings on mobile networks, devices, apps and websites.

Heads or Tails on YouTube Access

We talked to mother and son, Colette and Ben, to ask whether setting screen time limits for YouTube was a practice they saw eye to eye on.

Six video games to play as a family

Playing video games is a great way to spend time as a family but what will appeal to everyone? From your youngest all the way up to the grandparents, our top tip...

How social media saved me by Gem Hubbard

I am disabled, along with the majority of my social media followers, who are either disabled or live with chronic illnesses. This is my story about how social media has saved me.

Protecting kids from in-app purchases

The Office of Fair Trading is urging developers to take action to ensure kids don’t run up big bills from in-app purchasing...

Seven jobs for the digital age

The digital economy is booming. In fact, the tech industry is growing faster than any other sector in the UK. Businesses are crying out for people with the right knowledge so honing your child’s digital skills...

The truth about parenting in the digital world

Having taken the Vodafone Digital Family Pledge, news presenter Alex Beard discusses how to navigate the potentially treacherous waters of digital parenting.

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