Digital Parenting

Helping your family live a happy and safe digital life

Can screen time turn into addiction?

Leading child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham investigates how young people’s technology use can sometimes tip over into addiction.

Parental controls & filtering advice

Tips, tricks and advice for setting up parental controls and privacy settings on mobile networks, devices, apps and websites.

Cyberbullying safety with Alex Holmes

With so many scare stories about cyberbullying, it’s not surprising that parents can feel overwhelmed. Our Q&A helps to shed some light…

How to reap the hidden rewards of video gaming

Kids love video games, and parents often love telling them to stop playing them. But it’s not time to put down the console just yet...

Sleeping vs. scrolling?

Dr Richard Graham and Dr Elly Hanson explain how to teach your children about healthier night-time routines at a younger age to prepare them for later life.

Gaming ratings explained

Just like films and DVDs, many games have age ratings – Gianni Zamo from the Games Rating Authority explains why ratings matter.

#Goldilocks: A fairytale for the digital age


Decoding coding

Coding (or programming) involves designing, writing, testing and maintaining computer programmes. You might wonder why this is being taught at schools but in fact...

Who owns what you post on social media?

Clicking the ‘Yes’ button to indicate that you have read and agreed to a social media channel’s terms of use is, for most of us, often not quite true... 

Awkward conversations and how to have them

Psychotherapist Mark Linington offers advice for tackling tricky topics.


Protecting kids from in-app purchases

The Office of Fair Trading is urging developers to take action to ensure kids don’t run up big bills from in-app purchasing...