Five jobs created by the internet

From a career perspective, the tough economic climate we have found ourselves in thanks to a global pandemic has left many looking for new opportunities. Shifting trends such as long-term home working and remote learning have given others inspiration to look for a new challenge.

It’s a great time to think about a career in digital. With the surge in demand for online services this year, businesses are crying out for people with the right knowledge and skills.

Here’s a roundup the top digital jobs in 2020 and some ideas for getting your kids (or yourself) on a digital career path.

  1. Web App Developer

    One of the most sought-after skills in today’s job market, a web developer designs, codes and updates web apps. Social networking sites like Facebook or e-commerce sites like Amazon are examples of web apps. For kids, coding courses from CoderDojo, FunTech or Code Club are good ways to start building these skills.

  1. Ethical Hacker

    Cyber security is a major area of focus for businesses and governments globally. The crux of this work is to figure out how easy it is to break into computer systems, so they can be secured against potential hacks. Sites like are a good training ground and can lead to competition opportunities suitable for age groups 8+.

  1. Software Engineer

    software engineer creates computer programmes that make technology work quicker and more easily. It is a highly complex role involving technical work with computer science and mathematics, so an interest in code and maths are useful. You can check out what IT apprenticeships are available on

  1. Social Media Manager

    A decade ago this role was non-existent. A social media manager responds to comments and creates content and campaigns that resonate with customers. It’s very analytical and involves looking at trends in data to advise on how best a business to communicate in a way that will speak and connect to people. Almost all businesses have some sort of social media plan and large brands rely heavily on theirs to cultivate a positive image and communicate to customers.

  1. Digital Marketer

    Marketing has always been about connecting with a target group at the best time and in the right place. In today's world, most of us spend a large portion of our day online, which means that's where the marketeers need to be. A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services online.

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