everyone.connected | 19 Oct 2022

Vodafone everyone.connected campaign reaches 750,000 milestone

Vodafone has pledged to help one million people cross the digital divide by the end of 2022, with 750,000 connections donated to date.

Vodafone has now donated 750,000 SIM cards as part of its everyone.connected campaign and is doubling the free data available from 20GB to 40GB a month.

The campaign includes a range of partnerships and initiatives to help more people cross the digital divide, giving them the connectivity and skills they need to stay connected and participate fully in an increasingly digital society.

Vodafone has pledged to help one million people cross the digital divide by the end of 2022.

The everyone.connected campaign has enlisted the support of more than 1,600 charities to help distribute the free SIMs to those who need digital connectivity the most. Major Vodafone partners include Good Things Foundation, Barnardo’s, the Trussell Trust and the Refugee Council.

Vodafone supports homeless charities with free SIMs through charities.connected initiative and calls on others to apply

The 50,000 free SIMs will help those facing homelessness connect with vital help and services.

According to Vodafone research, connectivity is now seen as a household essential, with 86% of people surveyed saying they access the internet many times a day using a smartphone (80%) or a computer (59%).

But an estimated 1.5 million people in the UK still lack digital connectivity, leaving them financially worse off because they can’t get access to the best online deals and discounts.

How Vodafone's everyone.connected campaign is tackling digital exclusion

Nicki Lyons, Vodafone's UK Director of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, explains how the company is fulfilling its mission to connect the disconnected and support vulnerable people.

Emma Revie, CEO, the Trussell Trust said: “We know that the soaring cost of living means that more and more people in the UK are struggling to afford the essentials that they need to get by, including internet access.

“Whether it be applying for job and volunteering opportunities, managing finances, or ensuring a child can do their homework, we all depend on the internet in our daily lives and not having access to it can lead to people facing digital exclusion.

“We are pleased that our partnership with Vodafone has already contributed towards their achievement of helping 750,000 people through the everyone.connected programme, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that no-one has to choose between internet access and other essentials.”

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