Features | 22 Mar 2024

Seven money- and time-saving benefits of being digitally connected

Being online can be a lifeline when it comes to saving time and money, so no-one should have to live without it.

When was the last time you were without an internet connection? For many of us, being online is a vital part of everyday life. So much so that it can often be taken for granted.

But there are 1.7 million people and businesses in the UK struggling along without such connectivity. This digital divide, or digital exclusion, creates significant and ever-growing inequality. Which is why Vodafone launched its everyone.connected campaign in June 2021.

Aimed at helping four million people (and businesses) cross the digital divide by 2025, the company regularly works with a range of partners to meet such ambitious goals. One of which is the social change charity Good Things Foundation.

Led by Founder and Group CEO Helen Milner, Good Things Foundation has been working with Vodafone since 2021. Together, they help connect digitally excluded families in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the UK.

'We've provided connectivity to 1 million people in need - now we want to reach 4 million'

As Vodafone reaches its goal to provide connectivity to one million digitally excluded people by the end of 2022, Vodafone’s UK Chief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer explains why the campaign is so important and how the company plans to extend it.

As a strategic partner to Good Things Foundation, Vodafone provides free SIMs and devices to its national network of more than 1,200 digital inclusion hubs. This network of centres is where people can pick up free SIMs, learn new digital skills and, increasingly, access donated devices.

Because, ultimately, connectivity helps provide access to a host of opportunities. All of which can save you both time and money. Here are just a few.

  1. Paying bills

Gone are the days when paying your monthly bills meant rushing to beat the bank’s closing time and queuing up for what felt like a lifetime – assuming all of that even fits in with work and family life. One-off payments can be settled with just a few taps in your mobile banking app, while Direct Debits for recurring payments can be set up and managed just as easily. Better yet, a good mobile connection means this can all be done from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Comparing prices

From saving time to saving money, price comparison websites have increasingly become a staple of daily life, especially as online shopping has grown in popularity. Though they can also help track the price of one-off items, they are often more associated with more regular expenses, such as insurance, credit, and utilities – including internet access itself. As a result, finding the cheapest, best or most suitable deals has never been easier.

Fear of going online could cost over 65s almost £1,000 a year

New study reveals over 65s could be missing out on the UK’s best deals, as Vodafone Foundation and Independent Age launch new Hi Digital platform to help seniors gain digital skills, save money, and feel more connected.
  1. Applying for social tariffs

For those claiming certain benefits, such as Universal Credit and Pension Credit, ‘social tariffs are a more affordable way to access a broadband or phone package. At Vodafone, for instance, Essentials Broadband keeps your home online for less than 40p a day, while unlimited mobile data, calls and texts are available for just £10 a month through Voxi For Now.

  1. Accessing perks and offers

An added benefit of being set up with a mobile or broadband provider is the associated reward scheme that your chosen company may provide. For example, Vodafone’s VeryMe Rewards offers an ever-changing choice of partner-provided perks, from free coffees to discounted activities for kids. Therefore, once digitally connected, customers can often gain access to a whole new world of benefits.

  1. Contacting customer services

If you need assistance from the companies and organisations you get your services from, then being online can save time and hassle. There’s the obvious, such as finding the numbers and opening times of customer support telephone lines. Then there’s the less obvious, such as accessing your account online and other self-help resources, so you can often find out what you need without waiting on hold.

How to contact and complain to Vodafone UK customer care

Some customer issues are easy to sort out for yourself, but if you need get help from Vodafone, here's how.
  1. Managing your finances

Being online and financial management go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s completing new job applications, finding the best savings account rates or getting financial advice from trustworthy sources, there are countless ways to save money online. As a result, it’s easy to miss out on these benefits – and end up spending more than you need to – if a digital connection is not available.

  1. Booking appointments

When it comes to day-to-day admin, a digital connection can be your best friend. It might be for something as simple as ordering your supermarket deliveries, or as serious as booking a doctor’s appointment. Either way, it can help save time and remove the stress out of everyday necessities, acting as a reminder of just how vital connectivity is to modern life.

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