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Features | 30 Nov 2018

VeryMe by Vodafone: Tempting treats, digital discounts, and super cinema prices

Today we're introducing VeryMe, a whole world of awesome rewards built around what you love. Here's everything you need to know...

We want to reward our customers and say thank you for being loyal, which is why we’ve just launched Vodafone VeryMe rewards.

As a new feature built into the My Vodafone app – and with personalisation at its very heart – VeryMe means it’s never been easier to grab a discount, get a deal, and give yourself a treat, on us. Here are all the details…

So what can I get?

Right now, VeryMe is crammed with over 50 brilliant offers from brands up and down the high street, including things like free coffee from Costa, and goodies from the likes of Millie’s Cookies, Hotel Chocolat, and Tesco. VeryMe is about much more than just edibles, though, with experiential offers – like a free 3 month trial on The Mindfulness App – helping you get the most out of your free time.

We’ll be adding new rewards all the time but, better still, VeryMe will use smart, AI-powered personalisation tech to learn what you like, and to highlight new offers we think you’ll love based on the places and brands that mean the most to you. You have to opt in to this feature so if you would rather just receive general rewards then that’s fine too.

Consider yourself a bit of a movie buff? VeryMe’s got something special for you, too: we’ve partnered with ODEON to give members a market-leading cinema ticket offer. With VeryMe, you’ll be able to get two standard adult 2D tickets for just £7 on any day of the week*.

We’re also kicking off a Twelve Days of Christmas offer from 13 December, which’ll give you a new festive treat or giveaway every day in the run up the main event. What’s more, as an introductory launch offer, pay monthly customers will also receive an extra 2GB data added to their plans when they sign up for VeryMe Rewards. Nice!

Ok, how can I get it?

If you’re a Vodafone Pay monthly or a Pay as you go customer, the good news here is that VeryMe doesn’t require you to download anything other than the My Vodafone app. That’s because we’ve updated it to include a new VeryMe section, making registering and claiming your rewards a breeze.

Get the My Vodafone App
Install it now for Android or iOS

That’s alongside all the other great stuff that makes the My Vodafone app a must-have addition to your homescreen. Alongside claiming your VeryMe rewards, you can use the app to check on your monthly data allowance, add extras, manage your bills, get in touch with us, and more.

In other words? All you need to do is install the My Vodafone app, register for your VeryMe rewards, and start treating yourself to some fantastic, personalised goodies.

Get started with VeryMe… Click here to learn more.

*ODEON reward includes two 2D standard adult tickets for £7, any day of the week.