Keeping the UK connected | 01 May 2020

Vodafone UK provides 250 tablets to lonely and isolated people in Wirral

Vodafone UK, Age UK Wirral and Wirral Council are working in partnership to deliver 250 tablet computers to lonely and vulnerable people in Wirral, Merseyside. The joint effort will provide connectivity for those who most need it during the COVID-19 crisis.

The tablets, which can be used for activities such as exercise videos, quizzes, audio newspapers or socialising, are a much-needed lifeline for people who are self-isolating or on their own.

The recipients also include carers of people with dementia who would, under normal circumstances, benefit from Age UK Wirral’s daytime activities.

Helen Lamprell, General Counsel and External Affairs Director, said “The current health crisis is affecting us all, but particularly the vulnerable in society.

“We are passionate about keeping the UK connected during this difficult time as technology plays a huge part in fighting the feeling of isolation.”

Last week, Age UK delivered the first batch of 150 tablets to local residents with a further 100 due to arrive in the coming days.

Graham Hodkinson, director of Wirral Council’s adult social care, said: “While many of us will have family around during the lockdown, some people don’t and this can be a very frightening time.

“This is a great project to allow some people who would not otherwise be able to keep in touch to stay connected with their family and friends.”

The activity is also being supported by The Steve Morgan Foundation, LCR Cares Fund, National Emergencies Trust, and Wirral Lions Club.