News | 23 Aug 2023

Securing your business in a world full of apps

Mobile apps could be the chink in your company's cybersecurity armour, according to a report from Vodafone Business UK, so now is the time to take stock.

Mobile apps are pervasive in modern life and the world of work is no different, no matter the size of your business or whether you’ve embraced the new normal of hybrid working.

While most businesses are now well aware of common, heavily-publicised cybersecurity threats, such as phishing attacks and malware, mobile apps shouldn’t be ignored as they could unintentionally expose your business to more risk. App permissions, needed for a mobile program to access a smartphone’s resources, from contacts and files to the camera and GPS data, could – in the hands of the unscrupulous – pose a threat to your business and its data.

Even apps that aren’t outright malicious could still pose risks to your business if they’re using and processing information about your business’ devices, and how they’re used, in shadowy or opaque ways.

Protecting your business devices from potentially dodgy apps and other threats doesn’t have to be difficult, frightening or time-consuming though. And doing so is about more than just using the latest cybersecurity protection, such as Lookout. Having and enforcing consistent policies in your workplace is just as important. More advice and help is available from Vodafone Business UK.

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