News | 01 Apr 2020

Win big in this Samsung treasure hunt – without leaving home

Vodafone is offering EVERYONE the chance to bag free Samsung merchandise by participating in an Augmented Reality (AR) treasure hunt. Thousands of prizes are up for grabs, including a new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, and you can find them around your own home.

Vodafone’s Find Unlimited  augmented reality (AR) game returns after thousands of people scooped free tech treats late last year.

In this AR experience, players can win thousands of Samsung prizes from the comfort of their own homes – as well as keep themselves entertained while self-isolating.

By using a map on your smartphone, you can set the location where five ‘V-Atoms’ (AR Vodafone logos) will be dropped nearby. Find them and see what they reveal.

How to play

1. Register online.

2. Between 11am-2pm every day, you can set a pin on your location to let Vodafone know where to drop the V-Atoms.

3. Once dropped, five V-Atoms will appear in close proximity to where you set the pin.

4. Find them and a virtual ‘V-Atom’ will appear on the screen of your smartphone. There is no need for you to move outside your home.

5. Tap on the symbol to reveal whether you’ve won a prize.

You will have five V-Atoms to interact with daily, so if you don’t win straight away then you’ll be able to play again the following day.

‘Find Unlimited’ finishes on Monday 6 April so be quick!