Press Release | 07 Apr 2023

Vodafone partners with superstar Sam Ryder to help launch an extended range of refurbished devices on Vodafone EVO plans

The collaboration marks British singer-songwriter Sam Ryder’s first-ever TV ad appearance alongside a brand.

Vodafone’s latest campaign featuring British singer-songwriter Sam Ryder marks his first-ever brand collaboration on a TV ad. The focus of the TV and social campaign is on helping price-conscious customers get the phone they want at a price they choose with Vodafone EVO, which is now available with Vodafone’s extensive range of refurbished devices.

Vodafone’s refurbished devices support the company’s commitment to promoting a circular economy. Vodafone has pledged to cut carbon emissions and electronic waste and help its customers do the same. All Vodafone refurbished devices come with an industry-leading two-year warranty and 32-point quality check, reassuring customers on the condition of their purchase.

Vodafone’s robust environmental credentials were a key factor in Sam’s decision to collaborate with the brand. Vodafone will reach net zero for its UK operations by 2027, its business and network is powered by 100% renewable electricity, and it has recently switched to SIM cards made from recycled plastic.

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To creatively showcase this offering, the TV ad shows a pair of Sam Ryder superfans – a mother and daughter duo – struggling to take a selfie in their new outfits with their old, cracked, and glitchy phone. Vodafone comes to the rescue and lets the pair know that a new phone might cost less than they think, with Vodafone EVO’s flexible 3–36-month interest-free contracts.

They are then seen enjoying Sam Ryder performing live on stage with his hit track ‘More’. Having the time of their life in the front row, they get together for another selfie using Mum’s new phone, made possible thanks to the affordability of devices on Vodafone EVO, which to their delight, features a photobomb from Sam.

Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand Director, Vodafone UK: “We know times are difficult right now, so as a brand we wanted to reassure our customers that they could still get the value and flexibility that Vodafone EVO offers, across new and refurbished devices. We’re putting the choice and control in the hands of our customers, so they can get the phone they want, at a price that works for them.

“Deciding to partner with Sam Ryder was an easy choice for us, we wanted an ambassador that had the same brand values when it came to sustainability, had broad family appeal, and the ability to sprinkle some optimism in our everyday life. We can all do with a little bit more Sam magic.”

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Nic Wittenberg, Executive Creative Director, Team Red at Ogilvy said: “Never imagined we’d get Sam Ryder to perform in a Red World! It was lovely to work with him on this campaign, which we hope shows people how Vodafone EVO can get them the phone they want without breaking the bank and make the most of the moments that matter.”

The campaign will highlight to price-conscious customers that even in today’s cost of living crisis, you can get choice, flexibility, and the phone you want for less – thanks to Vodafone EVO plans.

“And by choosing a refurbished phone with Vodafone EVO, they could save up to £324 and help the move towards a more circular economy,  too.”

The campaign will be live across TV, Broadcast VOD, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok from 7 April 2023.

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Notes to editors

The new TV ad will first air during Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA on E4 and Lorraine on ITV at 8.10 and 9.58 respectively.

Agency Creds


  • Nic Wittenberg – Executive Creative Director
  • Adam King – Creative Director
  • Lewis Raven – Creative Director
  • Justin Cox – WPP Team Lead
  • Lucy Nebel – Business Director
  • Gugs Sarna – Business Director
  • Maddie McCarthy – Account Director
  • Rob Sandford – Strategy Director
  • Sade Ogunade – Programme Director
  • Kim Parrett – Producer
  • Veronika Stothert – Assistant Producer


  • Stellina Argyropoulou – Planning Partner
  • Samuel Staniforth – Planning Account Manager

Savings based iPhone 11 64GB, payment over 36 months. New device price = £451, refurbished device price = £271, saving £180. Customers can save an additional £144 on their airtime plan (saving based on a 24-month, 8GB Xtra plan that was £30 a month now £24 a month) available from April 5 to May 4 2023.

Vodafone EVO lets you select a Monthly Device Plan Credit Agreement (12-36 months) with a monthly Airtime Plan. The device price will be the same whatever you choose. Device Plans over 12 months require a 24-month Monthly Airtime Plan. You can pay off your Device Plan early. If you do, you can then keep your Airtime Plan on a 30-day contract or leave. If your Airtime Plan ends for any reason, you will need to keep on paying your monthly Device Plan (either in full or monthly). Terms apply.

Vodafone is the only major UK network to offer a two-year warranty on all our pay monthly devices no matter the grade. The visual and diagnostic checks and data clean are carried out by Vodafone’s third-party refurbished supplier.

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Vodafone’s extended range of refurbished devices available today:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128 GB), Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB), Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (128 GB), Apple iPhone 14 (128 GB), Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (128 GB), Apple iPhone SE 2020 (64 GB), Apple iPhone SE 2022 (64 GB), Apple iPhone XR (64 GB), Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G (128 GB), Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (128 GB), Samsung Galaxy S22 (128 GB).

Additional refurbished devices available at the end of April 2023:

Apple iPhone 11 (64 GB), Apple iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB), Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (64 GB), Apple iPhone 12 (64 GB), Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB).

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A lifecycle assessment study (Pamminger, R., Glaser, S. & Wimmer, W.), Modelling of different circular end-of-use scenarios for smartphones. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2021) 26:470-482) found that a refurbished phone (used for an average 1.93 years) can have a 55% lower contribution to climate change (or ‘GWP’) compared to a new phone (used for 2.5 years) (according to the study results shown on page 479). Based on this study, buying and using a refurbished phone can be considered to be friendlier for the planet in comparison to buying and using a new phone, because it has a lower negative impact on climate change. The full study.

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