Press Release | 20 Sep 2018

Fast tracked with new V by Vodafone range



  • The ‘V by Vodafone’ range expands with three new ‘peace of mind’ trackers to keep you connected to the things that matter most
  • The new ‘V-Multi Tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Mini helps you keep an eye on your keys, laptop, briefcase or other treasured belongings
  • The new ‘V-Pet Tracker by Vodafone’ Pod 3 is the ultimate way to look out for your four-legged friend
  • The new ‘V-Bag Tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Luggage means no more lost baggage, thanks to GPS tracking


Vodafone is expanding its V by Vodafone range with three new GPS trackers – the first V-Multi Tracker TrackiSafe Mini, a new V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 and a new V-Bag Tracker TrackiSafe Luggage.

The new additions to the V by Vodafone range are designed to help us live smarter, with a focus on ease of use, value for money and peace of mind. V by Vodafone brings together and connects all kinds of smart devices for every part of your life, allowing you to track or monitor your children, pet, car, bag and even your home while you’re away – all through an app on your smartphone.

All V by Vodafone connected devices are powered by Vodafone’s fast, reliable network. Thanks to simple, flat-fee pricing, backed by Vodafone’s V-Sim Price Promise, you can say goodbye to worrying about unexpected charges – even when you’re abroad in most European countries*.

The ‘V-Multi Tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Mini – the GPS tracker that keeps you connected to the things that matters most

With the new V-Multi Tracker, you can keep track of your possessions through a simple app on your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about the things you love going walkabout without you.

Whether it’s your keys or laptop, the V-Multi Tracker will show you where it is, where it’s been and will send an alert directly to your smartphone via the TrackiSafe app if it leaves a certain area.

The V-Multi Tracker will also give you speed alerts if your things start moving and will notify you through the app on your smartphone.

What’s more, if you leave the tracker with a loved one and there’s an emergency or they need help, they can press an SOS button to send you an app alert or email with their coordinates.

At just 39mm wide, 12mm high and weighing less that 20g, it’s also small and lightweight, so will easily clip on to your laptop case, keys or whatever you want to track and is splash proof.

The ‘V-Pet Tracker by Vodafone’ Pod 3 – a 24/7 activity monitor and GPS tracker for your pet

With the new light and compact V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 on their collar you’ll feel even more connected to your pet.

The V-Pet Tracker is a tracker for dogs and large cats that tracks their location whether they’re indoors or outdoors – so you’ll worry less if they wander out of sight when you walk them, or if they don’t come home as expected when they’re out on the prowl.

You can also set ‘safe zones’ so that you are alerted when your pet strays somewhere they shouldn’t and check that they’re exercising and resting when they should be, thanks to the activity monitor.

The latest V-Pet Tracker is both waterproof and pet-proof, meaning it can withstand whatever is thrown its way – from wild weather walks to rough and tumble play. And your pet won’t even know it’s there!

The simple to replace, rechargeable batteries also make it easy to keep tabs on your pet for longer – just swap in the spare battery included when one’s running low, without taking the tracker off their collar.

The ‘V-Bag Tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Luggage – enjoy your travels knowing your bags are safe

The new V-Bag Tracker is designed to give you peace of mind when you travel by connecting you and your bag.

With its GPS, light sensors and personalised safe zones, you’ll know where your bag is and receive an alert directly to your smartphone via the TrackiSafe app if it has moved. You can set Safe Zones, such as your hotel, so you’ll receive an alert if your bag moves from designated zones.

If you’re not sure where your bag is, you can find it on a map on the app, in any area where there is GPS coverage and a Vodafone network signal.

What’s more, the light sensor will alert you if your bag is opened unexpectedly, and the move and speed alerts will let you know if your bag starts moving over a certain speed – so you’ll know if someone takes it away in a moving vehicle for instance.

The V-Bag Tracker is also credit-card sized, waterproof and lightweight, so it won’t take up valuable packing space. It has a typical battery life of three to four days.

Notes to editors:

Terms apply. For full functionality a 30-day V-SIM plan, Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal are required. Pausing is only available on 30 day plans. V by Vodafone products (except V-Auto) must be activated via the V by Vodafone app (available on Android and iOS devices only). V-Pet: Your 30-day plan provides access to the Kippy app and service. V-Bag & V-Multi Tracker: Please note this product is designed for land-based location tracking and must not be connected or used on an aircraft. If you cancel or suspend your plan you will no longer be able to access the Kippy app or service. Full terms and details at

*V-Sim works in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. As the V-Sim is a roaming SIM you may also need to enable roaming in the device settings.


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