Press Release | 09 Feb 2023

Vodafone revamps its digital security offering to include 24/7 ID monitoring on Secure Net

A hassle-free, all-in-one mobile security solution with digital protection, advanced parental controls and new 24/7 ID monitoring, all for just £1 a month.

  • Vodafone launches 24/7 ID monitoring onto a brand-new Secure Net app as part of their digital security offering, to help protect customers from threat of ID theft.
  • Secure Net is a hassle-free, all-in-one mobile security solution with digital protection against viruses, advanced parental controls and 24/7 ID monitoring available on Vodafone’s reliable, award-winning network.*
  • With a three-month free trial and then £1 a month after that, Secure Net is one of the most affordable digital security solutions that offers 24/7 ID monitoring.

During Safer Internet Week 2023 Vodafone expanded its Secure Net offering to include 24/7 ID monitoring. Secure Net’s brand-new all-in-one security solution also has digital protection and advanced parental controls – designed to make Vodafone customers’ lives, safer, easier, and more secure. Available on Vodafone’s reliable, award-winning network for just £1 a month with an initial three-month free trial, Secure Net offers market-leading value for 24/7 ID monitoring**.

With around 1-in-10 smartphone users being victim to identity theft in the last year***, having round-the-clock protection for personal information has never been more important. 24/7 online ID monitoring helps to ensure customers’ personal information, such as their email address or credit card details, is better protected, with smart alerts and advice if any exposure is detected on the deep or dark web, or as a result of a data breach.

How to stay safe online

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult if you follow these six straightforward tips.

Customers can also review their ‘digital safety rating’ within the Secure Net app to get an indication of how safe they’re being online. The app will provide them with a score (e.g. Weak/Fair/Good/Strong) based off their current device set-up. Customers can improve their rating by setting up better protection preferences and resolving any identified threats.

Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer Vodafone UK, said: “Our new and improved security offering provides customers with affordable protection that keeps their devices and personal information as safe as possible. This cost-effective, hassle-free and easy-to-use app will give customers one less thing to worry about when they’re online.”

As well as giving customers the tools to stay safe online, Vodafone is also committed to helping parents and carers confidently navigate the digital world. That’s why Vodafone has launched Digital Parenting Pro, one of the biggest parental controls and safety settings resources in the UK, during Safer Internet Week 2023. Digital Parenting Pro and Secure Net are part of Vodafone’s wider strategy to offer its customers protection, information and the tools to stay safe online.

‘We need parental controls to protect our kids, but we also need to talk’

As Vodafone UK launches Digital Parenting Pro, a content controls hub for parents and carers, Nicki Lyons, Chief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer, reflects on how resources like this can protect kids from unsuitable content and help families have more informed conversations around online safety.

Digital Parenting Pro has been created in collaboration with Digital Awareness UK to equip parents and carers with all the information and tools they need to keep their children safe online. The content rich resource is a place for parents, carers (and kids) to get information and help about staying safe online, including tips from NSPCC experts, so adults can feel confident about what their kids are up to online, what social media they use, games they play and threats they might come across.

All existing Secure Net customers will automatically benefit from 24/7 ID monitoring. Vodafone customers will receive a three-month free trial, after which it costs £1 a month ****. Customers can find out more and sign up on the Vodafone UK website.

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Notes to editors

*Reliable, award-winning network: The UK relies on Vodafone as a network provider as it: i) powers critical national infrastructure and 77% of emergency services, ii) has coverage in 99% of UK homes, iii) covers 96% of the UK and iv) has won numerous awards. See full details and awards on our Network page.

** Pricing as found on competitor websites (February 2023):

***More than 5.5 million adults in the UK fell victim to identity fraud in the last 12 months (

****Secure Net is a subscription service and will auto-renew after the three-month trial

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