Press Release | 13 Jun 2022

Vodafone becomes UK’s largest full-fibre broadband provider, overtaking BT

Vodafone has overtaken BT and is now offering Full Fibre, the most reliable broadband technology, to more homes than anyone else.

  • More than eight million* homes today can connect to a range of Vodafone plans on Full Fibre, which is five times more reliable and up to 25 times faster than copper broadband.
  • Vodafone’s fastest 910Mbps Full Fibre plan is £10.99 a month cheaper than BT’s equivalent, and could save customers over £200 over the course of their contract.

Vodafone has overtaken BT to become Britain’s largest Full Fibre broadband provider, with its Full Fibre plans now available to more than eight million homes.

According to Ofcom, Full Fibre is five times more reliable than copper broadband. Vodafone has been investing in this technology since 2016 and delivering a product up to 25x faster than its standard broadband.

Vodafone’s Full Fibre plans range from 36Mbps up to 910Mbps download speed, and can save customers hundreds of pounds versus equivalent BT plans, both provided by Openreach – vital savings during the cost-of-living crisis. Vodafone’s fastest 910Mbps Full Fibre plan is £10.99 a month cheaper than BT’s equivalent, and could save customers over £200 over the course of their broadband contract.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said: “During the current cost-of-living crisis we want consumers to know there is no need to pay too much for an equivalent broadband product, and we urge them to take a look around to get the best price possible.

“Most major broadband providers, including Vodafone, offer the same Openreach service so customers can switch their broadband and often save hundreds of pounds.

“As Vodafone now offers Full Fibre to eight million homes – more than anyone else – more families than ever before can get the most reliable broadband technology, at an affordable price from a brand they know and trust.”

Vodafone Pro Broadband, launched last year, gives customers unbreakable broadband at an unbeatable price. The new broadband service has a range of features such as hybrid 4G broadband back-up, Super WiFi guarantee, and dedicated support from a team of highly-trained WiFi Xperts, plus a Super WiFi Plus booster with Alexa Built-in.

Delivering unbreakable broadband, without breaking the bank - Vodafone launches Pro Broadband

Vodafone launches new Pro Broadband which guarantees WiFi in every room from just £35 a month.

Savvy families can make further savings by choosing Vodafone as their brand for mobile and broadband. Vodafone Together** brings Pro Broadband and Vodafone EVO mobile services together to give customers the ability to save up to £380 a year (based on a family of four). Vodafone Together customers also receive exclusive family-focused experiences, treats and discounts through Vodafone’s loyalty app, VeryMe.

Vodafone Together: Everything you need to know

Saving on your Pay Monthly mobile and home broadband bills is just the start of Vodafone Together’s benefits, not the end.

To make Full Fibre available to more homes than any other provider, Vodafone has created a unique combination of partnerships with CityFibre and Openreach. Vodafone’s latest deal with CityFibre, announced in November 2021 establishes it as CityFibre’s anchor customer, making long-term, volume commitments across CityFibre’s entire roll-out as part of its £4bn investment programme. It marks Vodafone’s continued support for the expansion of Full Fibre networks across the UK and determination to encourage wholesale infrastructure competition in the market.

Vodafone UK benefits from the combination of a partnership approach to expanding Full Fibre, and the unrivalled experience and scale brought by Vodafone Group, one of Europe’s largest broadband providers.

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 Notes to Editors

* Full Fibre available in more homes than anyone else: As independently verified by Results based on availability of City Fibre, Openreach, OFNL, Virgin Media as of 10 June 2022:

Broadband provider (consumer sales)Number of premises Full Fibre (FTTP or FTTH) is available at
Vodafone 8,007,839
TalkTalk 7,918,492
Sky 7,361,859
BT 7,267,221
Virgin Media 1,104,862

Think Broadband is an independent guide to broadband in the UK, providing tools and information on what speeds and services people can expect across the UK.

 Vodafone Full Fibre Broadband Savings vs BT

Vodafone Full Fibre Broadband Savings vs BT

Vodafone includes landline VoIP phone service as standard with all broadband.

BT charges additional £5 for landline VoIP phone service.

Prices correct at 10 June 2022.

** Vodafone Together: Customers can get i) a monthly discount on Home Broadband plan and ii) 30% off additional mobile airtime plans of 12 months or more, for the duration of their contracts. Additional mobile plans are Pay Monthly SIM only, Airtime or Mobile Broadband plans. Discounts can’t be used in conjunction with any other discounts. Terms, eligibility & details:

Full Fibre Pro Broadband Plan table

£31.80 saving each month; £381.60 savings over 12 months (£31.80×12); £763.20 savings over 24 months (£31.80×24)

 * Vodafone offers the best value in the market for a family of 4 taking both broadband and mobile (unlimited calls, texts & data) together under one supplier over 24 months. Vodafone offers better value compared to BT, EE, Sky and VM02.

Eight Million Full Fibre Table 2

All prices correct as at 10 June 2022. Notes:

1BT charges £9.99 for postage (included in broadband monthly price.

2BT includes £5 landline phone service with Halo broadband (included in landline monthly price).

3BT/EE offer 10% off mobile plans when you have BT broadband (included in mobile monthly price).

4Sky broadband contracts are 18 months, after that period the monthly price will rise. Broadband prices show blended monthly value for 24-month period.

About Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK is a technology communications company that connects people, businesses and devices to help our customers benefit from digital innovation. Our services span mobile, fixed-line connections, home and office broadband, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have a strong track record as a tech pioneer, making the UK’s first mobile phone call, sending the first text message, and making the UK’s first live holographic call using 5G in 2018. We were the first to start carrying live 5G traffic from a site in Salford, Greater Manchester and now have 5G in locations across Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain as well as the UK. Meanwhile, our 4G network coverage currently reaches over 99% of the UK population.

Today, Vodafone serves more than 18 million mobile and fixed-line customers in the UK. Vodafone is the largest provider of full fibre in the UK – our superfast broadband services are now available to nearly 12 million homes across the UK.

Sustainability is also at the heart of what we do: as of 1 July 2021, 100% of the grid electricity we use in the UK is certified to be from renewable sources.

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