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News | 14 Aug 2020

Swansea enjoys 5G speed boost as tech promises to kickstart Welsh economy

Vodafone has expanded its 5G network to Swansea, Wales. The new super-fast speeds will give businesses, residents and tourists faster mobile connections in busy locations across the city.

Thanks to the upgrade, consumers will be able to stream movies and play games online at speeds up to 10 times greater than 4G, with no time lag or latency.

Businesses will be able to download and upload large files much more efficiently and enjoy video conferencing with better clarity and minimal disruption.

The service is now available to residents in the Castle Square, Morriston Park and Townhill areas of the city.

Swansea Millennium Bridge

Credits: Shutterstock

Credits: Shutterstock
Swansea’s Millennium bridge: 5G could transform the way businesses operate in the city

A recent report by Vodafone predicts that the upgraded network across Wales could boost its economy by as much as £1.3bn over the next 10 years – creating new jobs and improving public services.

The technology could transform the way businesses operate in future. Capable of handling millions more connections and offering faster response times, 5G will enable everything from connected machinery and smart car parking to remote healthcare services and connected traffic lights.

‘Blue Light’ emergency services will also benefit with connected ambulances and police cars able to respond to incidents much faster.

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