News | 28 May 2020

Vodafone UK and Barnardo’s launch ‘The Great British Tech Appeal’

Vodafone UK and children’s charity Barnardo’s are asking the British public to donate smartphones and tablets they no longer use so that they can be repurposed and sent to underprivileged homes.

By some estimates, up to 40 million pre-loved gadgets are sitting in homes across the UK. This partnership – named ‘The Great British Tech Appeal’ – by Vodafone and Barnado’s, will last for six weeks and aims to collect up to 10,000 devices for redistribution to low-income families across the UK.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said: “The Coronavirus crisis is having serious consequences for the vulnerable children and families we support across the UK. ‘Digital poverty’ – the lack of devices or internet access – means many children already at a disadvantage will fall further behind at school and miss out on vital support such as counselling.

“We’re delighted to be working with Vodafone to help get technology and connectivity into the hands of the vulnerable children and families who need it most.”

Percentage of children between 11 and 18 years old who have no internet access at home (Source: ONS)
Percentage of households that have up to five unused devices (Source: Huffington Post)

According to a recent report by ONS, 12% of children between 11 and 18 years old have no internet access at home, and around 45% of households have up to five unused devices.

Your old phone or tablet really could change a life

(Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK)

Vodafone has pledged to cover the cost of all repackaging, postage and cleaning, as well as wiping any old data. The telecoms company will also provide three months of free connectivity for every device that is re-homed.

If your desk drawer looks like this then you could help The Great British Tech Appeal

Nick Jeffery, Vodafone UK’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Our focus throughout this crisis has been keeping the UK connected. We’ve provided tech support to our charity partners and the vulnerable people they care for; and across the UK, our teams have been working flat out to bring NHS hospitals, front line staff and emergency services the connectivity they need to do their amazing work.

“However, we know that many thousands of children and families still can’t access learning or essential support because they don’t have the devices or connectivity they need. The ‘Great British Tech Appeal’ relies on the generosity of the public and we call on them to get behind this appeal. Your old phone or tablet really could change a life.”

To donate your old smartphone or tablet visit The Great British Tech Appeal.

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